There’s nothing like a good worship song. One that reaches into your chest and pulls at your soul. One that refreshes your spirit and helps to renew your faith. Throughout my life there have been a few songs that are responsible for much of my spiritual growth (and many have been by Hillsong), and “Desert Song” is my song for this season. 
Not only is this song beautiful (as are the voices of the women singing), but hearing the story behind the song makes it so much more powerful. Knowing that this woman is not just reading words, but proclaiming her faith despite a broken heart. Choosing to worship instead of whither in pain, doubt, anger or fear is an ultimate decision of faith. I am so encouraged by this young woman, I honestly don’t know if I would be able to do the same thing if I was in her shoes, but I guess that’s why songs impact me so powerfully. I need to grow. I need to learn how to have faith despite my circumstances and praise Him for nothing other than who He is. I am humbled and full of praise.
Please listen…but I recommend grabbing a tissue or two first.

– Mrs. G

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