Birthday Boy!

Happy 1st Birthday Bridger!

When we picked up this teenie-tiny ball of fluff, we didn’t know how much our lives would change. We naively drove home and quickly settled into life with our new baby. It was fun and wonderful, and challenging too. The tough stuff mattered little however, we were smitten.
We played, cuddled and loved him more every day. Soon, he grew. And grew. And grew. Soon, our little, tiny man was a big boy.
Our lives have became more hectic, and our house much messier. We’ve lost our patience, beamed with pride and split our sides with laughter. We’ve became a team. Who would’ve thought a puppy would make a home feel more full? A family feel more real? I was never a “dog person” but the unconditional, boundary-less love this four-legged human has for us and the world around him is infectious. He reminds me to smile, play and enjoy the little things in life, like sweet scratches behind the ears.

Bridger, you’ve made our little family complete (for now!). You are a sweet, loving, smart, feisty, playful, stubborn, funny, wonderful pup and we are so thankful for you! You are our little monkey, our cowboy, and our sweet, sweet boy.
We love you!

$ Mrs.BigTime


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