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Oh my gosh you guys, I am so excited about this post!

Call me sappy, girly or silly (ummm…whatevs), but I love Christmas cards! One of my favorite things about the holidays is receiving letters or post-cards from loved ones and I happily stuff my scrolly card-holder with images of some of my favorite people, many of whom I do not get the chance to see on a regular basis. 
Life is busy and often overwhelming. Schedules are crazy and time and distance often make keeping up with those you love difficult. Yes, we maintain relationships with many people throughout the year, but the holidays are a time to purposely send love to the people closest to your heart.
Sending Christmas cards is a little way of stringing family and friends closer together and they help to create the warm and cozy feeling this season is so full of.  
The only downside to Christmas cards is realizing how little pictoral documentation of our life we actually have! Ben and I are terrible about remembering to grab our camera and even worse at remembering to use it if we actually have it! My heart dropped a little when I realized the only picture I have where we actually look nice (i.e. not sweaty and super tired from backpacking) Ben is making his “I am so done with pictures!” face and he’s not a fan. Shoot!
Anyway, we WILL get some decent pictures soon, and I can’t wait to get our cards ordered! This year I am going to use Shutterfly because they are awesome! They always have the cutest designs and if I hadn’t gotten the itch to make our own cards previous years (probably not doing that again! My fingers were sore for days!) I totally would have used them.
These are a few of my favs:
Simple and sweet…
I really like this one, it’s more modern and streamlined…
So cute…
Classic and lovely…
This one is beautimus…
This one is probably my fav…
But I really love this one…
And this one…
Ooh…and this one is so fun…
…but I love the list of names on this one…
Choices, choices, choices! 
Along with fabulous Christmas cards, they also have great New Years cards and can pretty much put your pictures anything (i.e. canvas, books, etc.)
Ok, the reason why I’m excited – I’m getting these cards free! Oh yes mam! And you know free is my favorite price! Wanna know a secret? You can get these cards free too! Yep, Shutterfly is giving bloggers 50 free cards in exchange for writing about them. Not too shabby! 
Visit Shutterfly for more information and hurry to take advantage of this awesome deal!

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