Equally Yoked?

This is Ben and me today. His sinus infection is still going strong (though he’s much better than a few days ago!) and I’m giving hacking up my lung a good go. My throat is on fire and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Plus, these q5minute clammy heat flashes are a total bummer.

I don’t like this being stick stuff. I’m a pretty good care-taker, but I get all turned around when I’m the one feeling under the weather. No es bueno.

I’ve never had to call in sick for more than one day in a row before and I feel awful about doing it now. I’m just hoping whatever I’ve got turns around quickly so I can make it on Friday. We’ll see. Today, we’ll just be in bed or on the couch resting, drinking tea and popping Airborne and Emergen-C like they are going out of style.

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