Laying Low

Oh man, our house has never been so under the weather! We are both still sick! We’ve been laying low (except for our trip to Ikea yesterday!) and trying to recover, but to no avail, we both woke up this morning feeling terrible.

I am super nervous because I have to work tomorrow and I volunteered to come in early for another nurse who has to catch an early plane. That means I’m starting off my stretch with an almost 14 hour day. I am already dreading it.

I have big plans for a shot of Nyquil and an early bedtime after church tonight to help me rest and prepare for tomorrow.  Please pray for us. Pray for healing and renewed energy.

Thank you.

P.S. The bedroom is coming along nicely – but slow. We’re taking out time. We finished our night stands and the dresser and I’m hoping Ben will be able to hang the headboard tomorrow. Oh, and we LOVE our new bed!


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