In Great Detail – Day 6

My day, in great detail

Today has not been something to write home about by any means, but for the purpose of this list, I’m gonna stick with it and write it out.

I picked up and extra shift last night (2300 – 0700). I don’t mind working the occasional night shift, but to be a full-term night shifter is not for me. However, considering the amount of money I would be making (time and a half, plus on-call pay, plus night shift differential, plus critical need incentive, plus overtime!), I would be crazy to not have volunteered. 

Well, because traffic to our new house is absolutely horrendous, it took me twice as long to get home and was barely able to drag my butt upstairs and I crashed as soon as I got there (well, I washed my face and brushed my teeth, but that’s all – I couldn’t even muster a hearty greeting to Bridger!). 

I had a meeting at work at 1400, so my wake-up time of 1200 much all too quickly. I jumped in the shower and got ready as quickly as possible because I had to take Ben to work on the other side of town before my meeting. I made it out the door just in time but wasn’t able to have breakfast or even a cup of coffee. I drove like a mad-woman in hopes of making it to Starbucks before the meeting. Well, I couldn’t find a parking spot and the Starbucks line was 20 people deep, so I went into my meeting hungry and under-caffeinated. 

The meeting was good, despite my lack of nourishment or espresso, and I only snapped at one person (I don’t do well on little sleep). After I had some time to kill before leaving to pick Ben up, so I was able to go visit one of my dear friends who was working upstairs. I lucked out and she was able to take her break and chat with me for a bit. Have I mentioned how thankful I am for my sweet friends? I am!

We visited for a while until I eventually braved the 1630 traffic across town and am now waiting for my husband at Peet’s. I’ve been doing a bit of blogging while sipping on this naughty little sucker:

Once Ben gets off (which should be soon), I plan to pick up sandwiches for supper and then plant myself on the couch with my electric throw blanket and turn this tired brain off. 

I’ll feel human tomorrow πŸ™‚

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