Baking BabyBigTime: 6 Weeks

Photo Thoughts: 

Size of baby: Such a tiny little nugget – a blueberry!

Cravings/Diet: I haven’t had any major, out of the blue cravings for anything, but the other day I was cleaning the kitchen and saw a bag of roasted peanuts we had bought to make peanut butter with, and I had to eat some right that second! How weird! Another strange little diet difference is that the thought of sweet things often makes me sick. I want savory (cheesy) things most of the time. Oh and I can’t seem to get enough ice water. For a while we have been trying to buy as much organic food as possible and nearly all of our produce has been organic. We were are Trader Joe’s the other day however, and they had a bag of kale for a great price but it was not organic (it was grown in USA though) and I tried to buy it, but my sweet husband gave me such a guilt trip! “It’s only our baby your feeding those pesticides to” he said. Geeze! Needless to say, I put the kale back and bought an organic head at New Seasons the next day.

What I love:  I love so, so, so much that we are having a baby. Oh my gosh, I have waited my entire life to say those sweet, wonderful words. I am having a baby! Sometimes I can’t even believe it and I am overwhelmed at how blessed I am. I have everything I have ever wanted, which is really quite basic: I have a man I love like crazy and that love made a child. It seriously brings tears to my eyes. I feel so humbled and so blessed! Many time I have been sitting with tears streaming down my face just proclaiming “Thanks” to my sweet Lord who has been so absolutely faithful to my every dream and desire. 


What I miss: Nothing yet! Although, the other day we were out and about and an icy beer sounded really good, but, of course, I abstained.
What I’m looking forward to the most: Obviously, I am looking forward to meeting this precious baby, but other than that, I am looking forward to seeing him/her on ultrasound. Maybe seeing a sweet little heart beating will make this whole crazy thing seem more real.

Worries: That I’ve made this whole thing up. In fact, I was starting to get quite anxious and began doubting this pregnancy when I read this verse: “Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told to her from the Lord” (Luke 1:45). I knew I was supposed to read that at just that moment. Truly blessed am I, these things, this pregnancy, is a gift from the Lord. This is the fulfillment of all the times He told me to wait, encouraged me to be stillcomforted me when I was feeling disheartened and anxious. That positive test was proof of His promises and a reinforcement of the purpose He has given me. I keep reminding myself that He gave this to us, we didn’t plan this baby. This baby is a gift and His gifts are the sweetest, most precious ones.  

Symptoms:  None! Well, maybe not none, but I consider myself a very lucky pregnant lady thus far! The two things I’ve noticed so far are having to pee all.the.time and the absolutely inability to stay up past 10:30 pm – for a night owl like me, that’s early!

Sleep:  I fall asleep like a champ and I sure sleep hard, but when 8:30 am rolls around, I’m awake. Weird.

Movement: None, it’s still to early. I do feel some gas and bloating every now and again though 🙂

The belly: Only has some pre-pregnancy chub and I don’t think that’s going anywhere soon.

Milestones:  6 weeks! Also, all of our immediate family now knows. It was really fun telling all of our parents they were going to be grandparents. Knowing this baby will be so welcomed and loved it a very sweet thing!


Gender Predictions: Ben and I had always said that we wanted a girl first. I wanted a girl because I was the oldest and the special relationship I have with my mom is something I treasure so much I wanted to share it with my own child. Ben thought a girl would break his heart more than a boy would and her tiny girly features would soften him as a father. However, here we are and the thought of actually having a baby takes any notion of what we “wanted” and throws it out the window, because truly, I don’t care what gender we have, so long as he or she is healthy! I should mention however, that as I was sitting alone in the bathroom last week, marveling at that second line, I though, “I’m going to have a baby boy” and the thought was absolutely thrilling. My mom has also put bets on boy…we’ll see!

Amusing comments from the general public: This isn’t exactly a comment from the public, but it involves the public a little, so I’ll put it here. When we told my mom (who was screaming and crying) we told her that we were only telling immediate family, so she couldn’t tell anyone. A few hours later, she called to check on me and her tone was still ecstatic. She excitedly said, with a big smile I could hear through the phone, “Oh Steph, I’m so excited. I can’t stop smiliing. I couldn’t help it, I told the guy at the gas station because he’s my friend, and the lady at the bank because she’s my friend too. And of course, I had to tell my friend Phyllis, I just can’t help it!” I love that my mama loves my little baby, and I’m sure all her “friends” in Rogue River are happy that she’s (finally) going to be a grandma!

Best moment of the week: There has been a lot of sweet moments this week, but two of the highlights were the NP at the doctor’s office reading the lab results “Stephanie’s HCG was positive – congratulations you’re pregnant!” and then me holding Ben’s hand shedding happy tears, and then telling my mom. Ben is possibly going to hear about a job opportunity this week and she knew we were expecting a call anytime. When we called her (on speaker) and said Ben had something to tell her, she was sure it was about his job. She absolutely had no idea he was going to say “You’re going to be a grandma!” She started shrieking and crying and laughing. It was a very fun phone call to make! 


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