Baking BabyBigTime: 10 Weeks

Size of baby: A wrinkly little prune

Cravings/Diet: Macaroni and cheese! Ben and I were exhausted after a long work week last weekend, so instead of raiding our freezer for something to cook when we got home, we stopped at New Seasons to pick something from their amazing deli. And there it was, bubbling like gold, their macaroni and cheese. Nothing was going to stop me from having some of that deliciously cheesy stuff! So, we grabbed some chicken and a box of mac and cheese and home we went. It was delicious and I’ve been craving it ever since!

What I love:  Feeling my uterus stretch. I know that sound weird, but I do feel it! Every now and again I get a tug or a twinge and I know my body is making room for this sweet baby! I especially like it on days when I feel absolutely fine – it’s such a sweet reassurance that all is well and that our little bug is growing the way it should be!

What I miss: I still miss sleeping in, and beer, I miss beer! Not that I was a big beer drinker, but sometimes, on warm evenings, nothing sounds better than a frosty Negro Modelo to go with your chips and salsa.  

What I’m looking forward to the most: I’m looking forward to our ultrasound next Tuesday! I’m so excited to see our little sweet pea and to have some visual confirmation (though I feel I need it less and less) that our little baby is growing just fine. 

Worries: Still worried about gaining weight. My appetite has been quite big and my desire to be active has been quite small. I crave naps!  

Symptoms:  I feel great! Like I said above, sometimes I can feel my uterus twinge and I love it! My nipples are more consistently sore and tender (and their quality is changing, is that TMI?) and I feel so bloated. I’ve always been chubby so I never really noticed bloat, but here I am, chubby and bloated – it’s not pretty! I’ve also been crying at the drop of a hat. Picking out an anniversary card for Ben was ridiculous. I had to stop reading cards midway through because I didn’ t have any tissues!

Sleep:  I fall asleep like a champ and I sure sleep hard, but when 8:00 am rolls around, I’m awake. Weird.

Movement: None, it’s still to early. I love feeling my uterus stretch though!

The belly: Joining the pre-pregnancy chub is some baby boat and I don’t think that’s going anywhere soon.

Milestones:  Ben and I have been married 5 years! I know that’s not a baby milestone, but it’s a huge one for us as a couple. We did say we’d wait five years before having kids, and here we are! Other than that, we had our intake with the RN this past week. We decided not to do any genetic testing since our risk factors are very low and it really wouldn’t change our outcome. I’ve had two close friends have false positives on their initial testing and it caused them both to feel an air of sadness about their pregnancy, if only for a time. I don’t want to put any negative energy or feelings into this blessing. I believe God has given Ben and I this gift to bless our life. This is His gift to us and whatever it is will be just the perfect thing for our family. I don’t need testing to tell me my baby is going to be perfect 😉


Gender Predictions: Still stumped. Daddy however, keeps correcting me when/if I say girl. Last night he proudly proclaimed “That’s my boy in there!”

Amusing comments from the general public: Nothing amusing, just general statements of congratulation as more people find out. Oh, and the word is officially out at my work, and it’s spreading like wildfire. I kind of wish it wasn’t, but oh well!

Best moment of the week: I don’t want to forget this moment: The other night after Ben came home from work we were catching up on each others days as I finished dinner. Out of the blue he began to say “You know, I’m not nearly as scared to have a baby now that we’re having one. I’m excited. I’m not nervous. I’m worried about not sleeping and all that stuff, but mostly I’m just happy. I’m really happy we’re having baby. I’m actually more happy than I’ve been in a long time!” I never for one moment doubted Ben as a father, never. I knew he would be a good day and would fiercely love our children, but he lacked the confidence in what he could give as a father. He doubted himself. As his head is wrapping around the idea that he is indeed going to be a dad, I love how he is embracing it. I love watching his eyes sparkle and his smile creep up. I love when he says things like that and when he tells me his hopes and dreams for this baby. I love that he is excited and has been excited since the moment I told him. I love that HE is who I get to share this beautiful thing with. I love that HE is my baby daddy!


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