Baking BabyBigTime: 11 Weeks

Size of baby: A lime!

Cravings/Diet: Breakfast sandwiches – specifically the bagel and sausage ones from the coffee shop up the street.

What I love: Slowly but surely spilling the beans to my friends (mostly coworkers at this point, word travels fast!). I love the well wishes, happy thoughts and excited hugs. I’m so thankful and so, so excited to join the “mom club” I’ve been dreaming of my whole life!

What I miss: Nothing this week 🙂


What I’m looking forward to the most:  Our ultrasound! Oh my gosh I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see that sweet little nugget! I can’t wait to see proof of what my body’s been doing. Maybe then I’ll really believe all this is actually happening!

Worries:  I’m not really worried about much right now, to be honest. Sometimes I start to think “how are we going to afford this? What if I can’t get a part time position? Am I gonna get so fat??” but I do my best to nip those thoughts in the bud and say a prayer of thankfulness and ask God to continue providing and paving the way like He always has. 

Symptoms:  I get pretty sick to my stomach on the morning I have to get up for work. I think it’s the 5:30 wake up call. Yuck.

Sleep: More like my normal routine, meaning I stay up way too late, and sleep half the morning away. I felt super refreshed the first morning I woke up after 9!

Movement: None, just the occasional uterus twinge.

The belly: Joining the pre-pregnancy chub is some baby boat and I don’t think that’s going anywhere soon.

Milestones: We’re nearing the second trimester right quick!  

Gender Predictions: I had my first pregnancy dream this week! I’ve heard that if a mother dreams about having a baby of a certain sex, then that’s usually what she’s having and if that’s true: we’re having a boy! My dream was a brief one, but very vivid. I was in the delivery room with Ben, Byron (Ben’s dad – NOT going to be in the deliver room with me in real life, btw) and my friend from work Heather (also not going to be in the delivery room ;). I was calm and getting ready to push and realized we didn’t have a name yet. “How about Malachi I said? Byron, what does that name mean? Malachi Elijah. That’s his name.” I started to search what the name Malachi meant on my phone, but I was using the wrong search program and it wouldn’t show up when I needed to push. One big, painless push later, he was there, no my chest. We wrapped him under my blanket and I asked my mother-in-law to please go get me a Frappuccino (don’t you love dreams!) from downstairs. A few moments later, I was alone in the room with my brand new boy. I picked him up from off my chest, looked into his perfect face and said “Hi baby, I’m your mama.” I then gave myself a bit of props for “doing this all by myself without drugs!!” and kissed my boy and put him to my breast. He started to nurse/chaw the life out of my breast, but it didn’t hurt. I then just sat back and admired my child. My son. Then, I woke up. Had it not been 4 am, I would have woken Ben to tell him we’re having a boy, but my better sense told me to wait until morning to share the news with him 🙂

Amusing comments from the general public: My friend Juanita, who is super sweet but has a great sarcastic lip on her said “Wow, I can’t really believe you’re pregnant. What are you going to do? I mean, it’s not like you like babies or anything.” This was said after I spent an entire baby shower cuddling our other friend’s 5 week old – I didn’t even share! I love that my love of babies is so apparent and that makes my friends so much more happy for me. I really, really, really do love me so babies!

Best moment of the week: Throwing my sweet friend Jessica a beautiful baby shower and watching her joy as she was truly showered with love. 


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