Hi BabyBigTime!

That’s our baby!

We had our first ultrasound today and it was absolutely amazing! Our tech was less than friendly and less than informative, but the experience was incredible nonetheless.

As soon as she placed the probe on my belly I saw a head pop up on the bottom of a big black circle (my uterus) and a tiny little hand waving all around. I wasn’t feeling emotional, but the second I saw that I started crying.

Our little guy/girl gave us quite the show! We saw a little arm swatting around a precious face and two tiny legs kicking all about. Toward the end of the scan the baby started really showing off and began jumping/arching his/her back and flailing about. We even saw a flip!

Oh my gosh, I am on cloud 9! Because we didn’t do a full NT scan the doctor couldn’t tell us if the baby was ok or not, but considering the heartbeat was strong and we’re measuring right on track (11w2d – meaning my ovulation date is correct!), and not to mention all the break dancing (!) I think our little peanut is doing just fine!




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