Baking BabyBigTime: 14 Weeks

I’ve taken a bit of an unplanned absence from these pregnancy updates, not because I haven’t wanted to do them, but because life has gotten in the way. Two weeks ago Ben’s grandmother unexpectedly passed away and we spent a week in Tucson with his familly. The trip was bittersweet and I’m so thankful we could swing it. After that, we’ve been making up for lost time and I’ve been trying to overcome a major bout of exhaustion. I thought the first trimester was supposed to make me tired, but holy moly, these past two weeks have taught me just exactly what tired is!

Size of baby: A lemon!

Cravings/Diet: Oh boy, I have fallen completely off the wagon as far as healthy eating goes! I’ve been craving chicken nuggets and other crap like crazy! Thankfully, we went to the farmer’s market this morning and stocked up on some fresh veggies and berries, so maybe I’ll finally get back on track!

What I love: I love being pregnant! I love starting my second trimester. I love that we heard the heartbeat this past week. I love that I stuck through the initial waiting and frustrations with my midwifery clinic and chose to pursue them for my prenatal care (more on this later). I love that I have a sweet, precious, beautiful baby growing inside of me!!

 What I miss: I miss having energy and being productive. I don’t think I was always this lazy…

What I’m looking forward to the most:  Now that we’re over the first major hump (the first trimester), I’m so excited to feel this baby move. I can’t wait to start feeling flutters! The other day I spent a few minutes just staring at my belly, convinced it was moving. I called Ben into the bedroom to look, and sure enough, it was moving, but it was my heartbeat, not our precious little bean.

Worries:  I’m worried about getting fat. There, I said it. I look forward to a baby bump, but I really hope it’s just my belly that gets pregnant – know what I mean! 

Symptoms:  Have I mentioned I’m tired? Oh, so tired!! 

Sleep: Love it. Gotta have it!

Movement: None yet – hopefully soon!

The belly: I can’t suck this gut in. Ben insists it’s becoming rounder and “cuter”, but I’m not convinced. What is funny is that in the mornings I’m pretty normal appearing, but after lunch, I have a pooch that isn’t going anywhere!

Milestones: We reached the second trimester!  

Gender Predictions: I really, truly don’t know. My strong feeling of boy before has been replaced with a mild one, and for every time I say “he” I find myself picturing a girl, or saying “she.” So, truly, I have no idea, and I really, really don’t care. We have our anatomy scan in a month though, so hopefully then this little nugget will be feeling flashy!

Amusing comments from the general public: No one seems to appreciate that I’ve not been sick or nauseous. Seems I have bypassed a major pregnancy hiccup and I’m sure not complaining!

Best moment of the week: Meeting with the Midwife. I had some struggles getting an appointment (especially since I had to cancel my original appointment because of the funeral) as well as getting call backs from the clinic staff. I was becoming quite frustrated and started to second guess my decision to see a Midwife instead of an OBGYN. However, when we did see her, we had a great appointment. She took Ben and I through my chart, went over all the results of my labs (turns out I am RH negative, meaning I will need a Rho-gam shot @ 28 weeks). We told her about our ultrasound and the doctor making us second guess our decision to not do the chromosomal testing. She validated our thoughts and though she didn’t give us a “you should/should not have”, she did say that the doctor who spoke with us specializes in complicated, high risk pregnancies that don’t go normally, so her harshness may have simply been related to her daily job. The MW also told us the baby’s heart rate was 174, which is quite perfect for 11 weeks 🙂 
We talked a lot about diet and exercise and I’ll hopefully be seeing a nutritionist soon. She assured me that even though I haven’t been sick, I am quite “normal” and shouldn’t worry that my ride has been much smoother than many other’s has. 

All in all, it was a very successful appointment and both Ben and I feel quite confident with our decision to continue with the Midwifery practice and we look forward to the rest of our journey!


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