Baking BabyBigTime: 15, 16 & 17 Weeks

Size of baby: An orange, an avocado and now an onion!

Cravings/Diet: Well, two weeks ago I received some pretty bad news from my Midwife: my fasting blood sugar was consistent with Gestational Diabetes (GD). I had my blood drawn on Friday the 29th of June and on the following Monday my Midwife called and said my sugar was 110, about 20 points higher than what is “normal” or safe for pregnancy. The good news was that my Hemoglobin A1C (the test that looks at your blood sugar levels over a 3-5 month period) was normal, meaning that my high sugars were related to pregnancy and not regular diabetes. 

Needless to say, I was absolutely heart broken (it didn’t hurt that Ben and I had just gotten into an argument so my emotions were already a little fried). I knew that being overweight had put me at risk for complications, but I felt so guilty and so embarrassed that I may have put my baby at risk because I lacked self control. I spent most of that day crying. 

The next day I went into “let’s kick this!” mode. I tracked down a glucose meter (thanks to the wonderful Diabetic Educator at my hospital – my insurance didn’t cover the meters our pharmacy had in stock, as of July 1, two days prior!, and they wouldn’t be able to order me one until Friday or the following Monday at the earliest) and did some research on what exactly a GD diet looked like. 

From what I could figure from my books and online research, (this is my very simple understanding and it makes sense to me) my placenta is not producing enough insulin to cover the baby, so my pancreas is needing to do extra work and it’s not quite able to keep up with the demand of me and the baby, thus, it’s not producing enough insulin to deal with the glucose in our systems and my sugars are higher. 

Sometimes, women are able to use diet, because eating foods the produce less glucose make the pancreas have to do less work, and exercise, because the increased activity produces more insulin (I think – I don’t really know about this). When diet and exercise are not enough, a women is given either insulin or a pill that helps to lower blood sugars.

My numbers are not super high. Right now I’m taking my CBG (capillary blood glucose) first thing in the morning (which is my “fasting” number) and a hour after each meal. I met with the dietitian last week and she gave me my goal numbers, which are less than 95 in the morning, and less than 140 an hour after each meal. Every single one of my after meal numbers have been in range. In fact, even if I have had a particularly sweet/carb loaded/crappy meal, my numbers average between 115 – 125. My fasting numbers however, have been a problem. I would say my average is 110, with the occasional number in line. The dietitian said that the fasting numbers are least likely to be controlled with diet/exercise, which is unfortunate because I really don’t want to have to take insulin or the pill. Not only have I been trying to stay away from medication in general, I know that finding a balance that works with my body could be quite challenging, and in finding out what works, I may deal with a lot of low sugars (which are quite dangerous as well) and other complications. 

The dietitian also gave me some dietary goals (30 gm CHO for breakfast, and 45 for lunch and dinner) to try and meet, with 30 minutes of exercise a day. I’ve been keeping a log of everything I eat and any extra activity I do in order to see if I am able to get my fasting numbers down without medication. The unfortunate part is that I’ve not been able to see a trend at all. My morning numbers are kind of all over the place. I meet with her again on Monday. 

The big thing I’m really disappointed about is that my pregnancy is now considered “high risk” and I may not be able to continue my care with the Midwives. I will obviously do whatever is safest for the baby, but I am pretty nervous and upset that my picture of a hippie birth may not be within my reach. I suppose however, that this is all apart of God’s plan for my family, and so long as I get to see this healthy, sweet Miss/Mister in a few short months, how I get there doesn’t really matter.

What I love: I still love being pregnant! I love when Ben asks questions about the baby, or when I hear his talking about being a dad. The other day he was talking with his dad and said something about not being able to do something because he would be with me and the baby. It wasn’t said in a way that he was missing out, but that he would instead be doing something awesome and so much more important. I melted.

What I miss: I miss being naive and care free about this pregnancy. I wish GD wasn’t a part of my story, but alas, it is and I’m dealing with it.

What I’m looking forward to the most: Our Anatomy Scan next week! I am so excited to see if our nugget is a he or a she! I’m also really looking forward to making sure everything is healthy: four chambers, two kidneys, healthy ventricles, you know, the basics 😉

Worries:  I am really worried I’ll have to change to the OB practice. Now, that would not be the worst thing in the world. In fact, we have wonderful OBs, but it’s just a change in the plan I didn’t make and the control freak in me isn’t adapting well to change.

Symptoms: I’ve been constipated and it’s no fun! I’ve always been a regular girl and have never felt bloated or full, so when I do, I’m kind of a baby about it. My sweet husband has developed a special smoothie though, and it’s pretty effective, ha! We pack a bunch of greens into our regular smoothie and add a capful of Miralax. A few hours later, it gets the job done!  

Sleep: I swore I wouldn’t buy a pregnancy pillow. What a gimmick I thought. Well, I’m eating my words now! I was talked into a Snoogle by one of my friends and let me tell you, that thing is amazing! I was sleeping well without it, but now, I feel like I’m nestled into my own little cocoon and it’s absolutely lovely!

Movement: None yet, but every once in a while I feel a twinge in my actual lady bits and the baby must be triggering a nerve or something. I can’t wait to feel regular kicks and jabs!

The belly: Is getting real, folks! I can’t suck in anymore, and I have one pair of jeans left that I can button. I’m going to have to buy maternity pants soon! Now though, I’m wearing the heck out of my leggings and dresses. The other day I was sleeping and when I woke, Ben said “I looked over at you when you were sleeping and I noticed your round belly. I know you’ve pointed it out, but I really saw it. There’s a baby in there!”

Milestones: Baby can hear now, so I’ve been trying to be conscious about talking out loud to it more, and Ben will sometimes get in on it too. The other night, I pulled out my doppler and found the heart beat right away. I asked Ben to say something to the baby, and when he did, we could hear the baby start moving all around. It was pretty cool! 

Gender Predictions: I still think boy, but we’ll (hopefully) find out next Monday!

Amusing comments from the general public: None that stick out

Best moment of the week: Yesterday I got off work a few hours early and Ben picked me up and took me out to lunch. It was an absolutely beautiful day, but when we got home I was able to crawl into bed and I took the best nap! I usually try to nap, but I have trouble turning my mind off. Yesterday, however, it was lovely and I woke up so refreshed! 


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