Baking BabyBigTime: 18 Weeks

Size of baby: This week our little pumpkin’ is the size of a sweet potato

Cravings/Diet: I’ll touch on the Gestational Diabetes thing again, but only to say that I am working my way through the stages of grief about it. First I was in shock, and then I started to get to acceptance, but then backslid into anger and denial. I talked with my midwife and the dietitian again today, and that helped me to see  the importance of diet and exercise, though the dietitian thinks whatever I do to my body will do very little to bring down my fasting numbers. It’s worth a shot though, and I will be trying to eat as many vegetables and healthy proteins (chicken, beans, fish, etc) as possible as well as exercise a bit more (and a bit harder) before I consent to any further treatment. I meet with the Diabetes Clinic sometime next week, and I’m hoping that a very strict and cheat free diet and exercise regime will make a difference. If it doesn’t, I’ll tackle that hurdle as it comes, but I am not about to start taking any kind of medication before I’ve exhausted every other option.

What I love: I love feeling my uterus now. I love finding my baby easily with the doppler. I love planning a nursery/baby area. I love when Ben agrees to window shop at baby boutiques we can’t afford just to appease me. I love my midwife. I love the idea of a natural pregnancy and childbirth. I’m kind of high on love right now (except for GD, I don’t love that – there’s that anger thing again!).

What I miss: Summer = Beer. I’ll admit it, any icy cold beer sounds pretty heavenly!

What I’m looking forward to the most: Our ultrasound! Wednesday can’t come soon enough!

Worries:  I think I’ll write a bigger post on GD later, but really, that’s my only real worry. Well, that and how we’re going to afford having a baby. And how I’m going to juggle working full time when all I’ll want to be doing is being at home with my babe. Oh, and I’m a bit worried about whose gonna come declutter and organize my house, because if my history tells us anything, I’m sure not going to do it!

Symptoms: I’ve started to notice some possible sciatica when I sit down for too long (mostly when I’m on the couch). I feel a sharp, nerve-like pain right behind my tailbone. It doesn’t radiate down my leg, but it kind of cripples me to the point where it takes me a few minutes to stand up straight. It makes me feel like an old woman!

Sleep: I am so excited for bedtime every night! I literally say as I go up the stairs every night, “I’m so excited to go to bed!”

Movement: None yet, but I keep feeling for it!

The belly: I wonder when I’ll say that I have a baby belly for real? I don’t think I’m quite there yet, but I’m close.

Milestones: I think having our 20 week (which will be done at 18w3d) ultrasound is a huge milestone! I’m so excited to see that our baby is healthy and growing well. I also want to know the gender, but mostly I just want to know our little guy/girl is healthy.

Gender Predictions: I was telling Ben today that I will be surprised if we find out we are having a girl. I’m so sure I’m having a boy, I actually have to remind myself that I don’t know yet what I’m having. I don’t know, maybe I’ll be absolutely wrong, but I’m pretty confident we’ll see a penis on Wednesday 😉

Amusing comments from the general public: People have still been pretty respectful and haven’t said anything worth mentioning.

Best moment of the week: I think talking with my midwife this morning. Her view on pregnancy and birth is exactly why I chose them in the first place. Low intervention, focused on a healthy, natural mother. It’s exactly what I was hoping for, and I hope this darn GD doesn’t get in my way!


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