Baking BabyBigTime: 20 Weeks

Size of baby: We have a banana this week!

Cravings/Diet: I’ve had my first real pregnancy cravings: Miracle Whip and a baked potato. Ben will attest to the fact that normally I do not eat either of these things. I’ll occasionally have Miracle Whip on a sandwich, but only if I had no say in the matter, and baked potatoes, I’ve never, ever eaten one. Potatoes (unless fried, naturally) are just not my thing. Well, we grilled hot dogs (all beef, nitrate free, btw) the other night and I pulled a Ben and made an “All American” dog, complete with Miracle Whip, just because it sounded good. OMG. You wanna know the craziest thing, it was good! I finished my dog and thought, “this could use more Miracle Whip.” Blech! The potato thing was a bit stranger, because when we were at Whole Foods deciding what to make for dinner, Ben said a baked potato sounded good, and I responded with a “yeah, that does sound good. Really good.” you better believe he put two potatoes in our cart as quickly as he could and wheeled us out of the produce section before I could change my mind. After I demolished that potato, which was delicious, he commented that of course I liked potatoes I “had his daughter in me!”

What I love: I loved making our first baby purchase! I found a really good deal on some BumGenius 4.0 diapers (which is what I wanted) and bought 7 (it was buy 5, get 2 free essentially). I was so happy to get them in the mail! My first fluff mail!

What I miss: I’m still really wanting beer. It doesn’t help that Ben bought a variety of Mexican brews. Oh man, and icy Sol with lime just so speaks sumer to me. Somehow icy water just doesn’t have the same appeal 😉

What I’m looking forward to the most: We are going camping this week! I’m so excited to get away! I love being outdoors and this will probably be our last camping trip before we have a roly poly munchkin to take with us. I’m looking forward to a few lazy days in the great outdoors, enjoying the peace, quiet and refreshment camping brings.

Worries:  My worry this weeks comes from a huge blessing: I applied for and received a part-time position. I currently work a 0.9 FTE (90% = 36 hours a week) is a 0.6 FTE (60% = 24 hours a week). This is a huge blessing because it means that I’ll be away from my baby less hours, but a stress because I will have to pay more for insurance ($215 more a month!) and until Ben gets more steady hours (and/or a police job, please Lord!!), I’ll have to try to supplement the income lost by picking up extra shifts (at least one full day a pay period). So, I really won’t be working less, but I’ll have the option to when our finances are a bit steadier. I’m a bit hesitant to actually accept this job, but the last time I applied for a lower FTE, I prayed and God told me that when I’m supposed to have a part-time position, I will get one. Well, I got one, now I have to be patience and trust God’s plan is so much better than mine – such is the story of my life!

Symptoms: My body can feel when I’ve had a busy day. I start to get cramps/stretches and nerve pains at night when I’ve been on my feet or been too busy all day. Thankfully, they usually come when I’m really exhausted and  a good nights sleep seems to be the cure.

Sleep: I hit my Snoogle and I’m out. I love sleeping!

Movement: Ladies and gentlemen: we have movement!! I had a horrible day on Thursday (19w4d). Seriously, one of the worst days of my career, I was so relieved to be in the car with Ben on the way home. We were both quietly sitting there and my mind was decompressing a little when I felt a tiny “thump” in my belly. Then again “thump, thump”. It was like a quiver or a tiny little bunny kicking my belly. I knew it was our peanut! Seriously, it was the silver lining to a treacherous day. What a blessing! Since then I’ve felt them a bit more, and twice with my hand. Now I can’t wait for Ben to feel it too!

The belly: Last week I was curious when I’d have a belly for real, well folks, we’re here now, I think!

Milestones: We had our ultrasound! Baby is healthy and growing right on track! The only kicker, they couldn’t see the sex (or the face or the arch of the heart) so we have to back in a few weeks. No biggie. I’d love to see our baby again! Most important, we have all the right number of parts (including four chambers!) and everything looks pretty good!

Gender Predictions: Though the tech couldn’t tell for sure, she said she was 80% sure baby Geist was a girl. However, I’m not so confident in her confidence. I had another dream about having a baby, but this time, when the nurse brought out our baby, dressed in the pink outfit we had brought for her, she said “Congratulations, it’s a boy!” confused, Ben and I looked into the diaper and sure enough, we had a son. “But I was supposed to have a girl” I said. The baby in that dream also had red hair, so I don’t know what that means, anybody particularly good at deciphering crazy pregnant dreams?

My sweet husband has now had his official first daddy dream. When he woke this morning he told me he dreamed we had a boy (much to the contrary of his proud acclimations of “there’s an 80% chance we’re having girl!). He said he didn’t remember much, but I birthed a big baby, about 6 months old and he came out totally chubby with arm roll, fully dressed and smiling. He said the button up shirt and khaki shorts are how he knew it was a boy. I asked him if in his dream he was happy it was a boy, and he said “Oh yea, he was so cute!”

Amusing comments from the general public: I was in a wedding yesterday, the hottest day of the year so far. I had quite a few people tell me how much of a “trooper” I was. I guess pregnant girls get a bit more sympathy! Trooper or not, we were all hot, but celebrating my sweet Ashley was more important than being a bit sweaty! I just hoarded bottled water and snuck into the air conditioned house as often as I needed to.

Best moment of the week: Hands down, feeling the baby! It’s seriously the most amazing feeling! I can’t wait to share it with Ben!


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