Baking BabyBigTime: 22 Weeks (For Reals)

Size of baby: A papaya!

Cravings/Diet: No real cravings per se, but I pretty much want to eat whatever I see. If it’s a commercial, a magazine ad or if I see someone eating something yummy, I want it. These mini cravings are all over the board and can last a total of 2.2 seconds. Weird.

What I love: I love saying our “daughter!”

What I miss: I’m gonna be a broken record on this one and say beer again! Ha! Makes me sound like a lush, but really, I didn’t drink very much before I got pregnant, so really, it’s the treat of an icy brew that I miss!

What I’m looking forward to the most: Next Wednesday, because it’s the next time I’ll be able to lazily sleep in and spend all day at home. My schedule for the next few weeks is jam packed and just looking at it stresses me out. I’m already anxious for a day to do nothing at home!

Worries:  Still worried about getting this house in order (and keeping it that way!) before this little miss comes. It took Ben and I over a year to make a mess of this place, I only have a few months to get it all squared away!!

Symptoms: Well, this is the week the uncomfortable symptoms have started: sciatica and heartburn. In fact, I’m currently curled up in just a way that my left ass isn’t hurting too badly, while trying to quickly swallow the burning acid that is coming up my throat. Glamorous. My midwife suggested I try a chiropractor for the sciatica and Papaya tablets for the heartburn. I bought the tablets tonight and I’ll track down a chiropractor tomorrow – I have to kick these things in the bud!!

Sleep: I’m still sleeping great, but, as if on cue, my bladder wakes me at 3 every morning.

Movement: Holy moly this girl is a mover and a shaker! Seriously, she goes and goes! I think feeling her roll, punch and kick is the absolute coolest thing I’ve ever felt. I can’t wait for Ben to feel it too! I’ve felt it from the outside a few times, but not consistently, I know Ben will love it when he finally gets to feel it himself.

The belly: To quote my husband “Wow, you really look pregnant today!” The kicker: I was wearing my scrubs. That’s right folks, I officially look pregnant even in baggy shirts. I think I’m digging the belly…at least for now!

Milestones: We are almost to the point of viability, which is totally surreal. Oh, and I finally bought a Bella Band to keep my pants up. I feel like a stuffed sausage, but at least my butt crack doesn’t show.

Gender Predictions: I was wrong, wrong, wrong: our little one is a MISS!!

Amusing comments from the general public: Both the nurse and my midwife gave me lots of compliments today on how well I was handling being pregnant. I guess it’s just my sunny disposition 😉 But for reals, I have little to complain about and more than anything I feel so blessed to be growing our perfect, healthy daughter!

Best moment of the week: For sure our ultrasound in which we found out not only is our baby perfect and healthy, but she is most definitely a she! I am going to have a daughter!! He truly has given me the desires of my heart!


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