Baking BabyBigTime: 24 Weeks


Size of baby: An eggplant! BabyG is 9 inches long and weighs one and a half pounds. Her lungs are producing surfactant and lining with blood vessels, meaning that we’ve reached the week of viability! I would never, ever wish life outside of the womb for any 24 weeker, but it’s crazy to think that if this munchkin made an incredibly early debut, she could survive. OMG.

Cravings/Diet: Cold, cold water. And beer, still.

What I love: I that I look and feel pregnant. There’s not really any denying it now, I’m totally pregnant. I also like saying “6 months pregnant” because it sounds very real.

What I miss: Having nothing but time in which we could plan for the baby. In the beginning we had months and months to save, get ready, work slowly, but now, we have less than 4 months until it’s go time and that is a bit scary. Knowing that before I realize it we will only have 3 and then 2 months left is also quite scary.

What I’m looking forward to the most: Cleaning out the nursery. I went back and forth on wether or not we would actually have a nursery, but I’ve decided that I do want little miss to have her own space. I anticipate she will spend a lot of time in our room, but I still think having a space for her clothing, her sleeping (I decided that when I go back to work I will want/need to have her in her crib) and playing is important. Plus, the major reason we didn’t want to give up the office is because it is a lot of hassle. It’s not as though we actually use the office for officy stuff, it’s just a catch all room. I’m a little nervous about where we’ll catch all of our stuff when that space is repurposed.

Worries:  I’m starting to worry about labor. I would really like a natural birth. I would like to tough through the pain and in the end have a beautiful birth story that I am proud of. I’m worried that I’ll get into it and opt for an epidural. I’m not necessarily against an epidural, but I started down the more natural path and I’m afraid I’ll veer from it when the going gets tough. I guess I’m just starting to doubt myself, that’s probably normal, right?

Symptoms: So, my midwife is brilliant and the papaya tablets are awesome! I still get heartburn, but I pop two of those puppies in my mouth and all is right with the world. Hallejulah! Also, the sciatica has died down a bit, which is awesome. I still feel it after a long day of work, but it’s not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. I’m also going to start seeing a massage therapist and a chiropractor, so hopefully that will help.

Sleep: Love it, gotta have it. Would love to do without the 3-4 am wake up to pee, but it could be worse!

Movement: All the time and it’s awesome! She’s a little stingy though and only really lets me feel her kicks. Ben was actually getting a bit bummed he hadn’t felt it more than once (he did feel her once at 22w3d). He may have even pouted “She doesn’t even like her own dad” but I can neither confirm nor deny that 😉 Last night (24w1d), we were laying in bed reading and I told him to lay his head on my belly and wait. He missed a few kicks but then said “Did you do that?” Of course, I did not. He got to feel a few good kicks, which I’m sure renewed his faith in our daughters love for him. Ha!

The belly: Is in full force! In fact, I need to go shopping. Thankfully it’s been summer and I’ve been wearing dresses everyday, but I’m gonna need some pregnancy pants and leggings right quick.


Milestones: Viability! Movement! And Grandma Phyllis got to “meet” her for the first time this past weekend. It was so fun to see my mama so happy for me to be a mama.

Gender Predictions: I had another dream I birthed a boy (a big, fat chubby one!)! The day after that dream I scheduled my next growth ultrasound. I’m gonna be for sure that she is in fact a girl!!

Amusing comments from the general public: No one has said anything awful yet, but I do get advice from any and everyone. And, everyone wants to know what we’re thinking for names – and everyone has an opinion on what/how you should name your kid! Not only that, but everyone has an opinion on labor, baby gear, post-partum recovery, when you should go back to work, crib vs. co-sleeping, etc. Seriously, I just want to figure this whole thing out on my own (trust me, if some of these people can do it, I can totally do it!!), if I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it!

Best moment of the week: Seeing my family. It had been far too long! The visit was for a bittersweet reason though, we spread my dad’s ashes. He died in April 2011, so it was about time to do it, and we finally gathered everyone together to do it. Well, everyone being only the people we cared about (Mom, Erin, Garron – her finance, Mark, Ben and me). Mark had a place in mind and when we got there he told us why. We drove up the mountain behind my dads old house, a place Mark and my dad had gone hunting. In fact, it was the last place they ever hunted together, and during that trip they spoke about what they wanted when they died. My dad told my brother that if he died, he wanted to be cremated and set free up here, among the view of this valley he loved so much. So, that’s exactly what we did. One by one we took a handful of ashes and said whatever was on our heart. Spoke it to our dad, to our Jesus, to one another, to our own hearts. I thanked Jesus for giving me a dad in Tom. I told dad he was a good dad and that I was so sad he wouldn’t get to met my daughter. I let my heart cry that even though life moves on, he is still so much a part of our family and that he is so loved and so missed. Then, we gathered together as a new, growing, incomplete, yet healing family and shot at stuff with guns – I guess it is the new Sutton way {insert eyeroll and smirk}.



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