Baking BabyBigTime: 26 Weeks

Size of baby: A Cucumber! BabyG is 15 inches long and weighs 2.2 pounds! She’s working on her hearing and practicing breathing.

Cravings/Diet: I want a sprinkle donut something fierce!

What I love: I love that Ben and I are in “get ready for baby” mode. Now, don’t be expecting us to make huge strides or anything, but we’re making slow, steady progress. We made the second attempt at cleaning out the nursery. You wouldn’t think it’d take more than two attempts, but you must not be familiar with our mad pack-ratting skills! Hopefully we’ll each spend another day and get our respective junk boxes consolidated into a pile that is a bit more manageable and storable. We did break down a desk in preparation for our crib though!

It’s crazy to have a crib in my house! I knew the day would come that the man I loved would lovingly put together our baby’s crib, but it was so surreal to actually have it happen last night. This baby is a fulfillment of so many wishes and dreams, and sometimes, the little things, like building a piece of furniture, makes it all so clear. I am so blessed!

What I miss: I don’t know. I always look at this question and think, “do I even miss anything? I mean like really miss anything?” The honest answer: no. Yes, there are a few annoyances that I’d prefer not to have, but the excitement of this season far outweighs any of those and frankly, sometimes I just can’t find an answer. Some weeks I may feel differently, but this is how I feel right now 😉

What I’m looking forward to the most: They’re still a ways off, but I’m really, really looking forward to my baby showers! I have two sets of friends who are throwing me showers, and for them all, I could not feel more thankful!

Worries:  The money thing has been on my mind this week. Will we have enough money to pay for this whole pregnancy? What about the stuff we’ll need to buy? Do I have enough hours saved up for maternity leave? What about our savings – will it cover what we need? And why does the IRS want more of my freaking money??

Symptoms: Still the same: heartburn, occasional sciatica, frequent urination, constipation with the newly added side of intermittent opposite-of-constipation. I’m gonna try a fiber supplement every other day though, instead of only when it’s been a while since things have been moving. It’s gross though, so it’s not quite as easy as it sounds.

Sleep: Love it, gotta have it. Would love to do without the 3-4 am wake up to pee, but it could be worse!

Movement: She’s consistently moving and shaking in there! Ben has felt it more and we can now see her kicks from the outside. I can’t make out visually where specific movement is, but you can see my belly move when she gives it a good kick. It’s pretty awesome!

The belly: I hands down need maternity pants now. The problem is: I’m cheap and cute ones are hard to find. I found two pairs of cargo-type pants at consignment stores this past week, and I have an idea of some pants and leggings I’ll order online, so hopefully I’ll only have to add a few more bottoms to my wardrobe and they’ll get me through these last few months.

I should say that my sweet husband suggested we go consignment store shopping because “he knew” I needed more clothes. The day we went turned into a full-blown date day, complete with breakfast, shopping, more window shopping, dinner, a neighborhood walk, cuddling and frozen yogurt with a side of sweet conversation. It was just the best day – one of my favorite days in a long time!


Milestones: We had a follow-up growth ultrasound today and baby is absolutely a girl and she’s growing right on track! The tech (the best one of the four we’ve had!) even pulled out the 3D probe and got two pictures of our sweet girl’s face. It’s amazing that we can actually see what she looks like! Her round little nose, the dip above her mouth, her sweet little lips. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to kiss those sweet little lips!


This is her profile, with her arm next to her head. Below is her sweet face.

Gender Predictions: We saw the goods again today – baby is a girl!

Amusing comments from the general public:

Best moment of the week: Hands down, mine and Ben’s date day. It was a beautiful day and we just enjoyed each others company so much. I told him that even though I’m so, so absolutely excited about this upcoming season of our life, I will really miss this season in which it was just him and I. I will miss being able to easily spend the entire day out, just the two of us. I will miss the unending times of just him and I. I know that this baby will bring joy and love to our lives in ways we cannot imagine, but we’re moving away from a time in our lives that was very sweet and special in it’s own right. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I am so thankful that we waited until now to have a baby. I was not always super supportive of waiting, but I see now just exactly why we waited as long as we did. I have loved these past five years of just Ben and me, and I will cherish them forever. I love the friendship and love we have built and I love that I’ll miss him when my mind and heart is split between him and our little girl. Most of all, I love that even though life is about to get much different I’ll have him, my very favorite person, walking with me forever. We’ll still have days and moments when it’s just the two of us, and all the moments in between will be spend as a three of us – which is indeed a beautiful thing.


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