BakingBabyBigTime: 30 Weeks

Size of baby: A squash, cucumber or a head of cabbage. Baby girl is almost 16 inches long and is weighing in at about 3 pounds!

Cravings/Diet: Ben’s DNA is coming out again and I am jonesing for a bowl of potato soup. I have never had potato soup, nor do I know if I will really even like it, but yesterday I picked up all the ingredients to make it and I’m super excited to chow down tonight! I should also mention that I seriously thought about tackling a man at the grocery store just so I could steal his bottle of wine and loaf of bread. Crazy preggo right here.

What I love: It’s super cliche, but I still love being pregnant! I love that I’m going to the midwife every two weeks, mostly because I’ve scheduled prenatal massages after every appointment, and I love those!

What I miss: I miss not  being sore. My back is feeling the 12 pounds I’ve put on, and it’s feeling that my sleep is more disturbed and I’m having a harder time actually getting comfortable at night. I guess I also miss sleeping like a rock.

What I’m looking forward to the most:  I’m still really excited about my showers. I know that my friends are putting a lot of love and effort into them and I feel so thankful for all of them! I can’t believe these events will actually be for me – crazy!! I’m also super excited that I only have about six weeks left of work. I’ve told myself I’ll work until Thanksgiving for sure (Lord willing!) and anything after that would just be a bonus. That’s exciting!

Worries:  This week it’s about money. I’ve been able to pick up zero extra shifts so I haven’t had a chance to boost my vacation bank at all. I try to remind myself that God has this whole baby plan figured out, and that He has never before forsaken us, nor will He start now, but my earthly head can’t help but feel anxious that the dollars won’t stretch as much as I’d like them too and I’d have to go back to work earlier than I’d like to (9 weeks instead of 12). 

Symptoms:  Seriously, I can pee all.the.time. I mention this to other people and they just laugh. Seriously, this is no joke! I have to pee every single second. Our toilet paper consumption right now is ridiculous.

Sleep: Is getting more difficult. I do sleep pretty well, but I find that I’m woken into consciousness because I can’t quite get comfortable a couple of times a night, which results in me feeling a lot less rested in the morning.

Movement: Girlie is swimming and swimming. The other day I felt movement in two places, which was weird. On my right flank I felt her move, and then felt some pushing on my left flank. I still think feeling her in there is the coolest thing!

The belly: I know that I have an official baby belly, but I don’t think I’m as big as many women are at 30 weeks. I’m either not going to get huge or I have a lot to make up for in a little bit of time. I should mention that my midwife has said nothing concerning about how I’m measuring, so I’m not worried, it’s just interesting how different women carry their babies differently.

Milestones: Saying that we have 10 weeks left is crazy! 10 weeks!

Gender Predictions: Still a nameless little girl 🙂

Amusing comments from the general public: People have been very gracious, thankfully!

Best moment of the week: I have two. The first was at my checkup last week. I spoke with the MW about my GD, which she said was just perfect. My numbers lately have been really good, and have responded super well to cleaning up my diet. She said that if things continue as they have been, I will not have any need to be induced early (though they will not let me go past 41 weeks), and that we can decide after my next appointment if I’ll need two more growth ultrasounds or just one. She seemed to think that manual measurements and one more ultrasound would be adequate considering I’ve been managing the diabetes so well. I was so relieved! I’ll obviously do whatever is best for my baby, but if I can let this pregnancy and birth be as natural and normal as possible, that is awesome! I felt like the effort I was putting into my diet was worth it and I was relieved that my care would not need to be intensified at this time – what a blessing!

The second is kind of simple and silly, but it made my heart swell, so I’m gonna put it on here. Ben and his friend David left this past weekend for their annual backpacking trip. They were headed into the mountains and would be out of cell service for a few days. Friday was an absolutely wretched day weather wise and it dumped rain all day. I was worried that they were out in the weather and made a point to pray for their warmth and safety every time I thought about them that day. I knew they would be safe, and that they are two smart, cautious men who would not risk the wraths of their two pregnant wives should they choose to be careless, nevertheless, it’s a bit disconcerning to know your husband is on a mountain that is getting pelted with rain. Friday night, just as I was drifting to sleep, my phone chirped with a text from my husband. “I love you and our baby girl. xoxo” it said. I knew that was his way of telling me he was safe and thinking about us. I smiled, thanked the Lord for keeping my husband safe, and for giving him to me at all. Sometimes it’s the little, tiny things that make the biggest impact.


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