Baking BabyBigTime: 32 Weeks

Size of baby: A jicama (umm…how big is that exactly?). Baby girl is 16.7 inches long according to and is weighing in at about 3.75 pounds!

Cravings/Diet: Maybe it’s because of Halloween, but give me as much chocolate and peanut butter you can get! Snickers, Reeses, Dark Chocolate PB cups from Trader Joe’s…I’ll take it!

What I love: Being 8 months pregnant! 8 months! That’s pretty for reals, I’d say. I love watching my belly roll around and I love feeling my sweet girl all the time. I still love being pregnant!

What I miss: Sleep. Oh man, for as hard as I slept in the beginning, I’m now having some serious insomnia. I’ve had to take Benadryl more than once, and then I feel like I’m drugged sleepy, instead of just regular sleepy. The other night I didn’t fall asleep until 3 am and I had to be up for work at 5:30! I did sleep well that next night though!

What I’m looking forward to the most:  My first shower is next weekend! I’m seriously so excited! I know my friends have worked hard to plan a beautiful day for me and I could cry at the very thought of it!

Worries:  Still worried about money, and about finishing the room (though ironically, not worried enough to spend my days off clearing it out…), but I know everything will come together. It will come together, right??!?

Symptoms:  Insomnia and upper back soreness. I think my belly is starting to throw off my center of gravity and when I bend forward it’s causing some strain on my upper back. Thankfully, my sweet hubby is pretty willing to rub my back on a regular basis – and my biweekly prenatal massages are helping! Oh, and I’m pretty much hot all the time. I am super sensitive to heat of any kind and I strip to as few layers of clothing whenever possible (hence the photo above. That day was rainy and cold. I was the only person in the entire trauma conference in summer clothing!).

Sleep: Humph 😦

Movement: All the time and it’s awesome!

The belly: Still not huge, but definitely pregnant. I’m officially out of my non stretchy work pants (or the ones with super large drawstrings). I also have stretch marks. They are gross and I’m really sad about them. I keep hoping that they wont get worse, but I think that’s my naive first time mom thoughts getting in the way.

Milestones: I haven’t heard anything new from my Midwife yet, so I’m still on the wait and see with the extra monitoring of the GD thing

Gender Predictions: Still a nameless little girl 🙂

Amusing comments from the general public: Nothing rude or mean. Most people just say “Wow, you look great for being that far along!” I have also had to say “I may not look 8 months pregnant, but I am” which was in reference to me needing to eat lunch at that very second, still not so good at the whole waiting to eat thing 😉

Best moment of the week: The other morning Ben and I were laying in bed before starting the day and normally baby girl is pretty wiggly in the morning, but this morning I hadn’t felt her yet. I know that I’m supposed to monitor how much activity she is doing, and having none so far made me a little worried. I told Ben that I hadn’t felt her yet, and he rolled over to me, put his hands on my belly and said “Good morning baby girl!” Wouldn’t you know that she started moving all around! Seriously, it was as if she started doing flips and twists! Ben was super excited to feel her, especially since it was directly in relation to his voice. What a cool thing!! I love that she is going to love her daddy, and that he loves her so much. I can’t wait to see him with her, I think I’m gonna melt!


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