Baking BabyBigTime: 34 Weeks

With Rachel and Jessica at my baby shower. I have a better picture of the three of us for the baby shower post, but you can see my belly a little better in this one.

Size of baby: Little missy is somewhere around 5 pounds and 18 inches long – about the size of a butternut squash. That means I’d pay about $15 for her at New Seasons! Ha!

Cravings/Diet: I bought some honey nut cheerios from Trader Jo’s last week, and I’ve been loving those. Complete with a big glass of milk, yumm!

What I love: Being 8.5 months pregnant! 8.5 months! That’s pretty for reals, I’d say. I love watching my belly roll around and I love feeling my sweet girl all the time. I still love being pregnant!

What I miss: Once again, I miss having seemingly endless time to get everything together. Knowing there is only 6 weeks left (maybe less!) is becoming quite intimidating as far as preparation goes.

What I’m looking forward to the most:  My next prenatal appointment. My Midwives were supposed to talk with the Perinatologists and make a better plan for managing me from this point out. In fact, my MW was supposed to call me after their meeting, but she didn’t, which would normally upset me, but I’m choosing to take it as “no news is good news” and to stay the current course. If I was concerned, of course I would call and look more into this, but I’m not. I feel great, baby is moving like a monkey and my diabetes is well controlled, I feel comfortable with continuing a less invasive monitoring plan at this point, and I’m in no rush to change that.

Worries:  Still worried about money, and about finishing the room (though ironically, not worried enough to spend my days off clearing it out…), but I know everything will come together. It will come together, right??!? I’m gonna leave this the same and hope that maybe by next update I’ll have something else to write here!

Symptoms:  I feel pretty squished inside. I can’t do big meals like I used to (though I still try, I just regret them more), because then I can’t breathe and I feel pretty miserable. I also get some intermittent pains on the underside of my belly, they’re a bit random and I can’t quite describe them. They don’t necessarily feel muscle-y, so I don’t think they’re Braxton Hick’s, maybe they are just my ligaments and muscle fibers stretching?

Sleep: Still struggling! I’ve been averaging one good/decent night of sleep followed by a totally crappy one. The other night I went to bed at 11:30 pm, feel right to sleep, and then woke at 1:30 am. I laid in bed and tossed and turned until I finally resolved to get up for work at 5 am. Yuck!

Movement: Still very frequent, still my favorite thing!

The belly: It’s getting bigger!

Milestones: I had my {beautiful, amazing, overwhelming, wonderful} baby showers! I also used some gift cards to make my first Babies “R” Us (p.s. I HATE that store!) purchase of baby gear!

Gender Predictions: Still a nameless little girl 🙂

Amusing comments from the general public: Mostly just complimentary 🙂

Best moment of the week: My baby showers, hands down. However, I owe this blog a more thorough post on them, so I’ll choose a different moment. Today, while at Babies “R” Us (p.s. I HATE that store!) and bumping into every other thing in their super cramped, unorganized clothing department while hunting for simple white onesies (which I never found, btw), I happened to look over to my right. Right there, on a random rack, behind other non-related outfits was the one outfit I hoped to buy for my little girl. It’s just a little cardigan, onesie and pant set, but it is something I have had my heart set on and I could not believe that it was right there! Hallejulah!

I’ll give a bit of backstory: at my friend Rachel’s baby shower one of her friends brought their 6 week old baby. The baby was absolutely precious and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was perfectly chubby and sweet as can be. She also had on what I considered to be the sweetest outfit I had ever seen. It was just a simple little Carter’s cardigan set, but for some reason, it was the cutest thing I had ever seen and I vowed that if I had a daughter, she would have that outfit too. Fast forward a few months later, Ben and I had just found out we were pregnant and decided to stop at the Carter’s store one day. I found that same outfit but decided to wait to buy it until we knew what we were having, because after all, remember, I knew I was having a boy, right? I didn’t buy it – I should have bought the stupid thing! Fast forward a little more recently, and we had successfully confirmed female genitalia I went to buy that outfit, but it was no where to be found. No where! I went to different store, Carter’s online, Amazon, Macy’s everything. I found one 12 month available on e-Bay for $20, but I wanted it for an infant. Heartbroken (yes, I realize that is dramatic, but it’s how I felt!), I resolved to just not be able to put my baby in this stupid little outfit.

Until today. How or why that same exact outfit, the only one I could see in the entire department, in the exact size I was hoping for, it was there, I don’t know, but I am choosing to believe that Jesus wanted to bless my day and He was just reminding me that He truly does know the desires of my heart, even the silly, frivolous, coral striped cardigan ones.

See? Simple and nothing to write home about, but I just wrote three paragraphs about it because I love it so. I don’t know why, but I so do!


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