Baking BabyBigTime: 38 Weeks


Size of baby: Sweet baby girl is nearly 7 pounds and probably 19 inches long, about the size of a leek. She’s full sized! It’s crazy to feel her little bum right under my ribs and think that I’ll get to hold that sweet bootie in just a matter of days!

Cravings/Diet: Ice cold milk. Where in the world did that come from? Sidenote: I always drink my milk with ice. I saw my cousin Kristi do it once when I was very little and I thought she was brilliant, so I’ve taken my leche on the rocks ever since!

What I love: The fire under my hubby’s cute bum. We’re getting ready all up in here, and not just ready, but ready ready. Like, I’ll have a bit of a nursery (which we probably won’t use right away) and Christmas decorations!

What I miss: I just realized I had nasty heartburn last week and this week not so much, thank you Jesus! I don’t miss anything this week really, I think I’m just so looking forward to next week!

What I’m looking forward to the most: Meeting my daughter next week! Oh, and a celebration date night with Ben on Thursday (more on that below).

Worries: How the heck I’m going to squeeze a freaking human from my vag. 

Symptoms: Still sore at the end of the day, and my piggies definitely plump up if I’ve done a lot of walking. I did not notice this at first, but my sweet husband pointed it out to me the other evening “Your toes are fat!” Love that guy.

Sleep: The hours are all over the place (0200 – 1100, what??) but the quality is pretty solid. Thank goodness!

Movement: I think I can feel her wiggling her shoulders and occasionally she’ll twist her bootie (which is lodged right under my ribs, right in the middle) from side to side. Like I said earlier, I really can’t believe I’ll get to actually put the butt I can feel through my stomach into my hands in a week! It’s surreal!

The belly: I think she may be moving down into the birth canal (MW said she could feel her head on Thursday) which is causing the bump to change shape a little bit. I think anyways. Of course, I’ve been terrible about taking pictures and have no proof of this, but I’ll try to take some tonight before Ben’s Christmas party.

Milestones: I had my first internal exam on Thursday. I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, and the MW said baby girl was pretty low. She was very impressed with what I was doing to ripen my cervix and told me to keep up the good work! We tentatively set an induction date of the 17th (which I will confirm with my primary MW on Monday), but I’m still hoping I go into labor sooner (I think the 15th would be perfect! Ha!). Whatever day I actually go into labor, and by natural causes or with some help, I want my body to be ready, thus the cervical ripening. I have been drinking red raspberry leaf tea and taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules everyday (both are said to help strengthen the cervix – in higher doses and only after longer periods of time than what I’ve been doing, but whatev), and Ben and I have been walking about a mile an a quarter every night. I’ve also done acupuncture twice (and will continue twice this week as well) and have been pumping each breast with my new pump for nipple stimulation (which can stimulate contractions).

After my appointment on Thursday I came home and found Ben in the garage working away. I asked him what he was doing and he replied “Well, you’re dilating and we have so much stuff to do!” Ha! The impending arrival of this girl has really sunken into him this week and he’s on a mission to get ready. It doesn’t help his load because he has two final papers due on Monday (tomorrow) and a final exam on Wednesday, plus a bunch of projects to do around the house (steam the carpets, deep clean the kitchen, finish the office/nursery, bathrooms, decorate for Christmas, etc.). I told him I’d take it easy on the cervical ripening stuff (mostly I’ve taken the weekend off of acupuncture and nipple stimulation) and I’d pick it up again after his papers are done. I know that a few days off probably won’t make a lick of difference, but it made him feel better. He did ask me if I could wait until the weekend at least before I went into labor. OK buddy, I’ll get right on that!

Gender Predictions: Still a nameless little girl :)

Amusing comments from the general public: I’m over people not thinking I look big enough to be full term. I’m a curvy girl and have big ‘ole boobs, and a big freaking belly. I really don’t care that you don’t think I look big enough to be that pregnant – I AM! Now, tell me I’m glowing or shut your freakin’ mouth!

Best moment of the week: Last night, hands down. So, really, this whole week has been really good, but we received some wonderful news last night and I am so proud of my husband! We’ve been staying up really late lately, and around 1:30 am Ben was looking for a piece of paper he had lost. I told him that it may be in the box I’ve been keeping the last few days of mail in. I haven’t been looking at the mail, I just put it from the mail box straight into that box, knowing I’d get to it in a day or two. Super dumb. He started rifling through the mail and said “Here’s a card you haven’t opened, and something from your disability company, on and a letter from Beaverton to Ben Geist!” I heard the worry creep into his voice. He had the final step of his application to be a Reserve Police Officer last week and we had been hoping for an acceptance phone call by the end of the week. The call never came and he was a bit down. And now, here we were, looking at a tiny letter from Beaverton. I watched his face sink as he opened the letter, then I studied him as he read. He bit his lip and didn’t look at me. Tears began to come to my eyes – I know how badly he wanted this. How much we have prayed for this. How heartbroken he would be if he was not accepted – when he handed me the letter:

“Dear Benjamin,

Welcome to the Beaverton Police Department.”

I jumped into his arms and together we celebrated and thanked Jesus for his provision!! Ben passed! He is officially a Reserve Officer for the Beaverton Police Department! We will continue to hope and pray for a full-time, i.e. paid, position to become available soon, but for now, his foot is in the door and this is such a blessing for our family! He will receive 19 weeks of training and when finished will patrol with another officer just as a “regular” police man does. God has provided just as He promised He would, in His perfect timing! “I have plans for your family, plans to prosper you, to give you a future and to give you hope.” He promised that to me and He is so, so faithful!!

Thank you Jesus, our cup truly runneth over!



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