Baking BabyBigTime: Pregnancy Favorites

I’ve loved looking at other mama’s and mamas-to-be favorite things list, so I thought I’d try my hand at my own. I don’t feel like I’ve treated myself excessively or bought into a lot of the hype for pregnancy things (we simply did not have the budget to do so, or I probably would have!), but I have invested in a few things that have made the past 9 months a bit more comfortable.

First being the Snoogle.

How can something so wrong feel oh, so right?

I swore up and down that I would not buy a pregnancy pillow. But around 16 weeks I started adding regular pillows to my night time routine, but even then I’d wake up a little more sore than usual. I broke down after a particularly early morning wake up call after a particularly bad night of sleep and made my way to the store to buy this monstrosity and never looked back. There is something about the way you can fold this guy right against the curves of your body that is extremely supportive and comfortable. I’ve actually woken up from a deep sleep (which is awesome, btw…not) just to think to myself: I am so comfortable right now. Do yourself a favor and just buck up and get one, you won’t be sorry!

Next: the plumbers apprentice. BellaBand by Ingrid & Isabel.

The BellaBand, the REAL one.

I heard the real ones were way better than the cheaper Target ones, but again, as with the pillow, there was no way I was going to drop $30 on some tiny piece of fabric that I wasn’t sure would work. No way. So, I bought the Target one and wore it dutifully and felt like I had shoved my pre-baby chub into a sausage casing. It was not awesome, but my pants were no longer fitting right and the last thing I wanted was to be the nurse who bent over to look at her chest tubes only to expose my crack to my horrified patients and their parents, so I shoved myself into it every day. Then, at a consignment shop, I saw an original BellaBand on the shelf, in size XXL (the one they recommend for bigger ladies carrying multiples). It was $6 and when I put it on over my clothing it didn’t fall off (chubby girls for the win!), so I thought, why the heck not, at least it will make it so I don’t show my crack. That thing was awesome! Easily the best $6 I’ve ever spent, and the next time I get knocked up, I will be purchasing more of the original bands (in my size) because they are really so much better. The fabric is more substantial, they are softer and they don’t slide around like the Target ones. By the time I got the real one though, I had a decent belly and the large, looser size didn’t bother me because I was too be to keep regular pants up anyway, I just wanted something to help me protect my dignity while I wore my drawstring pants super low.

Another pregnancy splurge that I loved: LaVanilla Body Butter

Vanilla Coconut

This stuff is so lovely! I am not one to normally buy fancy schmancy body lotions (unless the buy 6 get 18 free deals from Bath and Body Works count), so me dropping more than $20 on a bottle of lotion seemed like a big deal to me, but every time I slathered my swollen, stretch marked body with this stuff, I felt pretty. I may have been bloated, broken out and constipated, but I felt like a princess every time I touched my smooth skin. Plus, the smell is perfectly light and refreshing and doesn’t smell like chemicals at all (it’s actually all natural and safe for mama and baby). I love this lotion (another great option is Alba, love that one too!).

My staples: Mossimo Microrib Tank

I lived in theses tank tops! I probably have 5 or 6 and wear them all the time, even now with my 38 week belly. The way I carried this baby, I didn’t “pop” like some women, plus, I’m normally quite curvy so the traditional long tops with ruched sides just didn’t work for me. Plus, the second you pop the word “maternity” on anything, it’s double the price. These are under $10 and hold up really well to washing. They come in a ton of colors and are the perfect weight to layer, but are not too see through to wear alone. I love them and hope Target never discontinues them!

Random but awesome: Human Gear capCAP

Fits Nalgene Perfectly

Preggers need to drink a lot of water. Preggers are also clumsy (at least I was – a strange pregnancy symptom that showed up years before I even gestated!). This helps save those perfect tanks.

Little indulgences: Endangered Species Dark Chocolate


Mama needed her some chocolate, but mama had the Diabetes, so this was a good way to cure the sweet tooth and try to prevent having to birth a sumo wrestler baby. When all was said and done, I think Ben and I have tried every flavor New Seasons had, and this is my favorite (but they’re all good)!

Life Savers: American Health Papaya Enzymes


I will forever sing the praises of Papaya Enzymes! These bad boys are heartburn stoppers. They work much better than TUMS and taste better too. Baking a human or not, I will always keep these in my cupboard and will love them until I die.

And last, but certainly not least, this guy:



Your baby daddy. This one’s pretty important. I know that lots of ladies are not so lucky, but I happen to be blessed so much by mine. This whole baby thing came out of left field, especially for him, but he has handled it all in stride. He has been the perfect amount excited, scared, nervous and happy. He has helped me stay tough, but babied me when I needed it. He has given a glorious amount of back rubs and has obliged many, many of my “honey will you help me for a sec?’s” He has come to appointments, cried with me, brought me down from my irrational freak outs and reminded me time and time again how the only thing that is important is that we get to bring our little girl home, no matter how that looks. I am so thankful for him, so thankful he is my partner in life, and so, so thankful he gets to be this little girl’s dad.


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