A Letter to My Daughter, On The Eve of Her Birth

To my precious girl,

I am sitting in bed, knowing that tomorrow everything is going to change. I don’t know for sure if you will make your grand entrance tomorrow or the day after, but either way, you will be on your way.

I have wanted you for as long as I’ve been able to. To be a mom has been my life’s greatest dream and you, my sweet girl, will make it come true. I truly can’t even wrap my head around this blessing.

Your daddy and I are prepared as we can be to bring you home. We are so excited to see you, to touch you, to get to know you. We love you already. Our house is cleaner than it ever has been (seriously), the car seat is buckled in and your changing stations are stocked and ready to go. I have precious little outfits, soft blankets and every gadget and gizmo a newborn could possibly need. Physically, we’re ready.

I was going to write something long and sentimental, but, the morning is fast approaching and my hours for sleep are few. I want you to always know how loved, wanted and cherished you are. I want you to know that with every fiber of your being. I pray that you never doubt your worth or value and that you would find your joy in knowing that your earthly parents and, more importantly, your Heavenly Father are “enthralled in your beauty.” You, my sweet girl, are truly fearfully and wonderfully made.

I also want you to know that I love your daddy. I believe one of the best ways I can honor you as my daughter is to love your father well. He is by far my life’s biggest blessing, and having you as a byproduct of our love is something so sweet words can’t describe. I can’t wait to watch him with you, my heart may just burst with joy.

In every season of doubt in my life, Jesus has held me tight and given me hope and comfort. These past 39 weeks have been no different. In one sense, I was finally getting what I had always wanted (i.e. you), but the timing was off, the situation wasn’t perfect. Well, in His perfect way, God told me to be still and to trust Him. I heard him say so clearly, “I have plans for your family – plans to grow you, and to give you a future and a hope.”

Baby girl, I hope I can set an example for you of a woman whose faith is set firmly in God. I have so much growing to do, but I hope to show you where true hope and promise lye. I pray I can mother you in a way that honors our Savior and in a way that encourages you put your faith, your hope and your trust in Him alone.

You are already so loved sweet, baby girl. I can’t hardly wait to see you, to smell you, to touch you. I am so, so ready to meet you. My daughter. You have given me such a precious gift, because in you, I will have become a mother. Thank you little one, thank you.

I love you.




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