Baking BabyBigTime: 40 Weeks, 1 Week Post Partum

(I intend to add pictures to this post later, but as it is, it took me three attempts to just write this, so I’ll add them in a few days. In that time I’m sure my tiny baby will be huge and big and almost a grown up. Time is flying so freakin’ fast.)

How far along were you when you had your baby? 39 weeks on the nose.

How long was labor? 12 hours almost exactly 

Total weight gain: I wasn’t expecting to go into labor naturally, so I didn’t even think to weigh myself, but at my last check (a few days before I delivered) I was up about 20 pounds

Total weight loss so far: 14 pounds

Back into your own clothes yet? My old pajamas and workout pants yes, but my prepregnancy jeans are tucked safely away in my closet, and I don’t really intend to bust those bad boys out anytime soon. Maybe it’s because I’ve never really embraced my body’s size and shape, but I don’t have any major hangups with how my pregnant body looked or now looks. I am just so thankful I was able to carry this baby and then deliver her without complication, now I’ll take whatever size I end up and deal with it. All that to say, I am pretty impressed with how my body is now though – I thought it would be much worse.

 Did you get stretch marks? As proud of my body as I am, these puppies will never be a source of pride or joy for me. They are gross and icky and I hate them.

How is physical recovery going? Considering I had no idea what to expect as far as recovery goes, I think I’m doing well. I ended up with a pretty significant second degree tear, and that gets sore if I’ve done too much during the day. On Friday we went to the Pediatrician, Lactation, out to dinner, to Target and then on a big walk before bed. I think that was a bit too much because I was pretty sore all the next day. However, other than needing to be careful when I go to sit down or when I have to use the restroom, things are recovering well.

Best moment this week: Oh, I don’t think I can narrow it down to one. So many moments have been so precious and amazing and the best moments of my life. Going into labor on my own. My natural birth (which will be a best moment in my mind forever, though I know it was literally the hardest, most difficult thing I have ever done…full story to come). Grabbing her from my body and pulling her still-connected body to my chest. Watching Ben dance/rock with her the first night in our hospital room. Listening to Ben sing lullabies to our sweet sleeping girl in her little bassinet. Nursing for the first time on our own. Ben helping me to the restroom and his sweet, tender care of me. Putting her going home outfit on. Ben zipping her into his jacket in Babies R Us on the way home from the hospital. Bringing her into the house for the first time. Praying together as a family for the first time. Deciding on her name. Introducing Lydia to my mama. Waking up and watching her sleep. Listening to Ben’s little giggle when he is looking at her and she does something cute. Having sushi Friday night, our first “date” as a family. Every single moment has been precious. Every one. I want to relive this past week over and over again. 

 What do you miss about being pregnant? I loved being pregnant, but I am so happy having this precious girl here with us that I can’t even miss anything.

How did you come up with Lydia’s name? We had 9 months to agree on a name, but we couldn’t do it. Saylor was the closest we had gotten, but I wasn’t 100%. I always pictured my first daughter to be sweet and girly and to have a name that matched. Emma had been a favorite forever, but Ben deemed it too plain and overused. So, Thursday night on our evening walk I asked Ben what his second choice for a name was. He said he wasn’t sure and then said, “What about Lydia?” It was of the same girly vein as Livia (another favorite) but wouldn’t need to be corrected her whole life. It was sweet and girly without being too popular. I looked it up later that evening and I really liked it’s meaning (“beautiful”) and it’s ranking (right around #100). We thought on it for a few days and both grew to love it more and more.

Finally, after she was born, it came time to decide what we were going to name our daughter. We didn’t decide until Monday, in fact, after Ben said “Ok Steph, we need to have a talk.” Ultimately, we decided she could either be Saylor or Lydia, but because she was so precious and dainty she seemed more girly. And, the deciding factor in my mind was Ben’s reaction to her in general. He freely admitted he knew he would love our baby, but he thought really bonding with her would take time. However, that was not the case. Meeting her blew his mind in a way he didn’t expect. He told me the first night, how he was just overwhelmed with how much he loved her, so instantly and so deeply. He saw her and feel absolutely in love. No hesitation or question, he was her daddy 100%, completely bonded and smitten. To me, the overwhelming instant love that broke his heart lead to a more girly name, and with that, we decided to name our beautiful daughter Lydia.

Is Lydia named after someone? Yes, my Grandma Clara. I had a very special relationship with my dad’s mom and I always knew I wanted to name my first daughter after her. I originally thought we’d use Claire or Mae as a middle name because her name was Clara Mae and I liked the sound of both of those names better than Clara with most names we talked about. However, when we were looking at our sweet Lydia and talking middle name combinations, Ben said “If we’re going to name her after your grandma, let’s use her actual name” and so there it was, Lydia Clara Geist. Our daughter. The musician in Ben also likes the rhythm of the names, and the fact that all three of our names have three syllables followed by a middle name with two. He noticed the rhythm, at least one of us does…

How big is LydiaMy tiny little lady was 5 lbs 11 oz at birth and then on Friday at her first pediatrician appointment she was 5 lbs 15 oz! I was afraid my overactive let down which was often spraying milk all over her face and not allowing her to get a good latch was going to prevent her from gaining weight, but I suppose not! In fact, after the Pediatrician we went to a follow up Lactation consult and we measured her before and after a feeding and this little chunk downed 52 cc’s in 6 minutes!

Every day I notice her cheeks rounding a little more, and her tiny double chin becoming a bit more double. Please time stop right here. I want to savor her tiny, precious sweetness forever.

How is her temperament?  Perfect. She sleeps, she cuddles, she nurses. She fusses if she’s naked or hungry, but if you pick her up she stops immediately. I could not imagine a more perfect baby.

How is nursing going?  My milk came in Tuesday afternoon and nursing became a bit of a challenge. Lydia would attempt to latch, but my milk would overwhelm her and she would end up sucking/licking the milk off my breast. Obviously, this would not make for a successful nursing career, so I did some research and tried pumping a bit off before feeding her (I pumped 8 ounces the first day! I wasn’t supposed to do that though, so now I’ve mostly been hand expressing) and we’re getting better. She does better with the right breast, but about 50% of the time she’ll get a great latch with the left as well. Her appointments on Friday made me feel so much better and gave me a little confidence that even if we struggle during one nursing session, the next one will probably be better. I’m definitely thankful for more milk than less and I’d take the problem of oversupply before undersupply any day!

How many times have you been peed on? Barfed on?  We had our first blowout about 30 minutes after getting home 🙂 Full on, up the back of her outfit, out her diaper and everything. Wipes were not going to handle that mess, so we ran to the sink and washed her up in there. Welcome home mom & dad! Other than that, I’ve stayed pretty clean, and Ben has been spit up on twice, and both times he didn’t even blink. I’m going to have to dedicate an entire post to how amazing of a dad he’s been! Seriously, words don’t even do him justice!

What is the longest you have been away from Lydia?  I took a nice, long shower yesterday 😉 Last night, when Ben’s parents were visiting we were making plans for the next day and I mentioned I wanted to go to our church’s Christmas service. We were talking about when we should meet up with them and my FIL started to suggest we leave Lydia with them while we attended the service. I think he actually said “You could leave her” when instantly my heart sunk, tears came to my eyes and I said “No. Nope. No.” faster than I ever responded to anything in my life. Sorry dude, no offense, but my baby is staying with me. I am so not ready to cross that bridge!

Have you taken her out yet?  I am quite proud to say yes! We went to Babies “R” Us on the way home from the hospital (I still hate that store, btw) because we needed smaller diapers. Then, we went to dinner with my mom and Hannah on Wednesday, then Ben and I took her out on Friday, where we did the Pediatrician, Lactation, sushi dinner and then Target. Today we’re going to try church and then dinner with Ben’s family. Nursing is the trickiest part because I haven’t tried using a cover yet. I think I’ll just feed her in the care if I need to.

How/where does she sleep?  Right now we’re keeping her in bed with us. We’ll transition to the co-sleeper next week, but for now she’s on the Boppy positioner between us.

What are you looking forward to?  Every little thing. Oh my gosh. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but actually getting to be one is better than I ever imagined! As much as I want to freeze time and savor the tiny, new, preciousness of this baby, I can’t wait to see who she grows into. What will she look like? What will she sound like? Every little detail. At this second however, I am so full-to-the brim with happiness and I can’t even begin to thank Jesus enough for giving this most wonderful gift to me. I am so filled with joy and absolutely, overwhelmingly, 100% blessed beyond measure!!


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