Letters to Lydia: 1 Month

To my sweet, beautiful daughter,

I can hardly believe I’m typing these words: today you are one month old! Oh my gosh!

Lydia, one month


This past month has been the best of my life, and try as I might, I know that any attempt I make at summing it up in a matter of words will fall so short of how wonderful it really was. I’ll not fully be able to reflect the amount of joy or love your daddy and I feel. We are simply and absolutely overwhelmed with you. You – wonderful you. What a precious gift you are to us!

Here’s a highlight of your first month:Of course, the month started in the hospital, with your beautiful birth. In the hospital we were bombarded with people coming to see you – not just our friends and family (who were absolutely welcome!), but one medical person after another. In between people coming to poke and prod you for one reason or another, we spent a lot of time snuggling skin-to-skin and marveling at our beautiful baby.



Seeing the man who was simply my husband before transform into your daddy has been beautiful. Seeing him care for you so tenderly is precious and warms my heart to the point of near explosion! I have so many pictures of you snuggled up against his chest. I keep thinking that maybe one of the photos I take will adequately capture the fullness of my heart when I see you two together, but alas, no, they never do. Reality is far too sweet!

On your third day of life, we were over the hospital experience. We were ready for the chaos to end and and so ready to start our new life together! So, we dressed you in an outfit that was much too big, and took you home.


You weren’t a fan of the carseat, but as soon as we started moving, you fell right asleep (you still do!). I felt badly for your dad on this day, because not only did he have to drive with “precious cargo” for the very first time, but he had to do during the first snow of the season! Thankfully, the roads were nice and clear by the time we actually headed out, but it made for an exciting morning nonetheless.

On the way home, we had to stop at Babies “R” Us because you were such a peanut you wouldn’t fit into the diapers we had at home. I don’t ever want to forget the way your daddy sweetly held you in his jacket as we walked around the store, partly because you were fussing and partly because he just wanted to hold you.

Once we got home you got to meet more of our family. Including:


Auntie Hannah


Grandma Phyllis


Popa Byron and Lola Elsa


Uncle Mark and Auntie Erin

We also had dear friends visit (but sadly, didn’t take pictures of everyone).


Jenny and Ashley were pretty excited to meet you (you were excited too, despite what this picture shows!)!


But maybe most excited was Meliha and Auntie Lisa. Meliha was so excited to hold “that baby” and proclaimed baby “Lahdia” to be “sooo tute!” She’ll be a great big sister come April!

Oh, and I can’t forget Bridger!


Hannah kept big brother Bridger for us while we were in the hospital and brought him to meet you on Thursday. He was VERY excited about this new little person, but he’s been very gentle and respectful. He was curious about you and really likes to lick your feet! He especially likes you when you’ve gone #2, but he’s kind of a grosso! He’s handled the transition to being second fiddle very well, in fact, he’d be the perfect dog if he could keep his excitement in check and his hair on his body instead of all over our house!

When we weren’t cuddling at home, or entertaining visitors, we managed to go on a few outings. Including your first doctor’s appointment at 5 days old.


After which, you joined mommy and daddy for our first “date” as parents. We enjoyed sushi and you enjoyed sleeping.


We got great use out of our Moby wrap, and even daddy got in on the action (until Lola Elsa made him take you out and give you to her!). We used the wrap a lot, especially for our evening walks with Bridger. I love that I can have you right close to me, all bundled up under my jackets so you stay warm. You fuss for a second or two when I first put you in, but then, every time, you fall asleep as soon as I start walking. I love wearing you!


Christmas came a week after you were born and we celebrated your one week birthday by going to Door of Hope’s Christmas Eve (Eve) service. Thankfully I had the Moby, because otherwise I think the stranger sweet woman behind us would have picked you right up. We had been major slackers about church in the year before you were born, but in the four weeks you have been alive, we have been three times. It seems wrong to have so much joy and goodness and not worship. Seriously, I could spend every minute thanking Jesus for you.


Mama had lots of fun with different outfits for you, though most of your clothes you were still too small for.







Lola Elsa brought you your first Christmas dress, which papa was not super impressed with, but mama loved! You even had a fancy headband and sparkly bracelet to match!



As much as I loved dressing you up, you spent a good amount of your first month naked because you were too stinkin’ cute and because it let us give you as much skin-to-skin as possible. Plus, you made quite a mess with your milk in the beginning and it was just easier to wipe up your chest instead of changing your clothes every time.



Most of the month, though, was spent snuggling and sleeping. You did a lot of this:


and this:


and this:


 You were in our bed on a little wedge the first two weeks, and then mama pulled out the co-sleeper. We’re still working on that. You much prefer sleeping right next to mama.


Considering we had a newborn, this past month has gone pretty smoothly. Yes, there’s been a lot of adjustments being made, and getting used to the interrupted sleep has been interesting, but doable. Your daddy and I have grown closer together, yet also had to navigate some speed bumps that go along with changing from a married couple to parents. We had a hiccup with your weight gain during your second week, but learning to trust my body and to trust you helped us overcome that (thankfully!).

Ok, enough of me blabbering on. Here are your stats at 1 month old:

Weight: 6 pounds, 11 ounces at 22 days old

Diaper size: NB (you were in Preemie for the first two weeks though)

Clothing size: Smaller NB. You still don’t fit in the bigger NB stuff (Gap and Circo seem to have bigger NB than Carters does)

Diet: Mama’s milk only, straight from the source

Sleep: You spent the first half of the month sleeping like a…well…baby…but you’re proving to be a bit more feisty with sleep the more alert you are. You are usually a good napper and are following a loose eat, awake, sleep pattern every 2.5 – 3 hours during the day. At night, once you go down you’ll usually sleep for four hours and then you’ll be up every 2 hours after that. Once you get to sleep, things are great, but getting you to sleep is more difficult than I was hoping it would be. I think part of it has to do with you still having your days and nights a bit mixed up and you having a night-owl streak like both of your parents. We have spent many nights dancing with you while you lay quietly against our chests with your pretty eyes wide open.

Nicknames: Baby, baby girl, pretty, punkin’ pie, sweetie baby and Walter (only when she’s grouchy and making a stink face)

Favorite things: The Moby, our Stroller, the Boppy Lounger, your WubbaNub, and mama and daddy

Oh Lydia. My sweet baby! This past  month has been incredible. Watching you grow from this:


to this:


has been absolutely amazing! You have brought your daddy and I so much joy! We love every single detail about you and though I’m already mourning your squishy newborn-ness, I can’t wait to see the sweet little person you become. You are my delight, my whole heart. I’ve wanted you forever but truly, as much as I anticipated becoming a mom, this past month has taken every thought I had about it and blown it out of the water. Never have I idealized something so much, only to eventually realize my dreams fell so short from reality. You are better than I could have ever dreamed. I love you! As our book says, my beautiful girl, “You are my angel, my star and my love will find you where ever you are.”




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