Sometimes the most random things take me back. Make me catch my breath, bring tears to my eyes.

Like when I was driving home to my mom’s and saw the fields of sheep, it reminded me of all the drives I made while in college and made me think of how much I longed to have a baby in my backseat.

Or this morning, I was looking up Mommy & Me swim lessons and started mentally planning the logistics of taking Lydia to soak at McMenamins with my girlfriends and their babies.

Sometimes it floors me that I get to be doing these things. There is the most beautiful baby in my backseat. I get to think about swim centers and playdates.

This is my life!

Through every season of longing and waiting and wanting…it was so worth it.


Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!


3 thoughts on “

  1. yeah!! what a beautiful baby! and beautiful blessing – how neat to be able to look back on that time of longing and realize that this is where you are in life!!

  2. and I just tried to reply to your email but your setting must be off so I couldn’t. Thank you SO much for sharing your story with me. What an amazing testament to waiting for God’s timing and how sweet to see your sweet blessing!

  3. Oh Steph, I’m so happy with where you are in your life. This is such a special, amazing time. Your little gal is just too cute for words. Anyone who knows you knows motherhood is your calling. Enjoy it!

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