Letters to Lydia: 2 Months

To my precious girl,

Two months? Aaahh! Girlfriend, please slow down! You are becoming a baby right before my very eyes. Sure, you’re still tiny and new and perfect, but your growing faster than my heart can handle. I truly wish the days and weeks were longer because this season has been the sweetest ever!



Let’s compare you to last month’s photos, shall we?


Good gracious, right? Who is this chunka-munk?!?

P.S. Oh my gosh, I could so eat those perfect little thighs!

Lydia, in your second month you have grown and changed so much. Your personality is starting to show through, and it’s so fun to watch! You are happy, sweet and smiley but you’re can also be impatient and feisty! When you’re over something  you’re quick to let me know. You’re usually pretty easily distracted, and if I can’t make you happy with a different activity, holding you upright on my shoulder usually does the trick.

You are starting to coo and really just now beginning to look at your daddy and me and actually see us – it’s so cool! I love that you are starting to smile back at us, and making you smile is the absolute most amazing thing! I think the most wonderful thing is when you look at me and then give me your big, beautiful smile. Seriously girl, I beam at the thought of it!


This past month was wonderful. We soaked up a lot of time together with naps, snuggles, walks and lots of breastfeeding.


Sweet, sleepy girl!


Is there anything sweeter than a perfectly content, milky-faced baby?
I think not!


In your stroller, covered in pink, someone stopped me to ask if you were a boy or a girl…seriously??

We did some tummy time, but you were unimpressed



Daddy was busy a lot this month with school, the Police Reserve Academy and work, but we were sure to try and take advantage of whatever time we had as a family all together.


We spent a lot of time close to home, but we managed to squeeze in a few adventures this past month.

To celebrate being 5 weeks old, mama and you made our first road trip together and we went to visit Grandma Phyllis, Aunt Erin and Uncle Mark. You did great in the car and only needed me to stop and feed you once each trip, making the normally 4 hour drive just about 4.5 hours. Not too shabby! While we were at Grandma’s, we visited, cuddled and let everyone fawn over you.


We even got to go meet mama’s Grandma Lorna and she loved you! It was so special for me to see you with my Grandma. I loved showing you off and she loved holding you and watching you nurse. She seemed to think I was doing a pretty good job with you, and I take that as quite the compliment – I mean after all, this lady raised 10 babies of her own!


Our second adventure was our first family trip! We celebrated your 2 month birthday (which actually happened on your 9 week birthday) birthday with an overnight in one of mommy and daddy’s favorite places: Cannon Beach. You seemed pretty excited at the thought and were a perfect little traveler! 🙂


We stayed in a hotel and I wish I would have taken a picture of you sleeping quarters: your Boppy Lounger on a luggage rack! Daddy said I should keep that detail to myself, but I promise, you were very safe and secure despite what it sounds! I probably should have packed your co-sleeper, but you didn’t seem to mind your set up. As long as mama is close by, you’re a pretty good sleeper. I didn’t document your bedtime arrangement, but I did manage to get pictures of your first time on the beach. You were obviously thrilled – so much so that the excitement plum wore you out and you slept the whole time!



This beach holds a special place in our hearts, and as we were walking on it this time as a family of three (four if you count Bridger) I was just overwhelmed with thankfulness at how sweetly I have been blessed. I used to dream of one day bringing our baby to the beach, and here I was doing just that!


We did a lot of socializing this past month. Mom was trying to take the most advantage of her maternity leave and super empty schedule. We brunched with friends and celebrated birthdays and soon-to-arrive babies.


With my dear friends Rachel (L) and Jessica (R)
It’s hard to fathom that just over a year before this picture was taken none of us had had babies, and now, we’re all mamas!


Celebrating Mattea’s “Uno”st Birthday!
2012 was the year of Doernbecher babies!


See! Lots of babies!
The water at OHSU is quite potent!

Though we were out and about quite a bit, we still spent a lot of time together at home. I have so cherished our mornings together, they are some of my favorite moments. You wake up so cheerful and full of energy! You are smiley and squeely and I love to watch you do your “wiggles and giggles!”


I’m still loving getting you dressed! You are quite the fashionista already and never complain when I change your clothes, even when I do so a couple times in a row!






You are most definitely a mama’s girl! That’s not to say you don’t love your daddy and absolutely light up when he comes around (you are especially sweet when he comes home after you’ve gone to bed and whispers into your ear “Hi baby. It’s daddy.” Even though you’re sleeping, you turn to him and smile), but you love your mama! While I was pregnant with you I prayed for a cuddly, snuggly baby and the Lord so delivered!


You are so snuggly in fact, you have no use for your swing or any surface other than our arms! Ha! Well, that’s not entirely true, you do love to sit in your bouncer chair. We have it in the bathroom and you’ll happily sit in it while I take a shower and get ready for the day. I love that you’re already my little buddy!


You’ve been at my side pretty much all the time. I left you once to go to the gym – I was gone one hour. It’s not that I’m afraid to leave you, I just want to be with you all the time! I love that I can just pack you up and go. I feel complete when I have you right on me!

I did leave you one other time, with a babysitter as a matter of fact! On your 2 month birthday your dad and I celebrated with a date night. I surprised him with tickets to his favorite bass player and we left you with on of mommy’s dear friends (who just happens to be a PICU nurse as well, you were in very good hands). The show was great and it was nice to get out together as a couple. It was reminiscent of our life before you and it was so surreal to think that we were actually parents out with our baby waiting for us. Sometimes the fact that we have a daughter hits us and it’s hard to believe. YOU ARE OURS! Little baby, you are such a dream come true!

Anyways, daddy and I had a lovely evening, but we were so ready to get back to you!



I could go on and on about how smitten I am with you and how honored I am to be your mama, but there are not enough words to adequately express it, so let’s just get to the good stuff, shall we?

Weight: 8 pounds 4 ounces at 8 weeks and two days. You’re a tiny little nugget in the <5th percentile!

Length: 23 inches, 50th percentile

Diaper Size: NB, but we’ve plumb run out so we’re now putting your cute little tiny bootie into size 1’s

Clothing Size: NB, hands down. You fit perfectly in Carter’s NB stuff (a few of the zipper jammies are just starting to get too short), but Circo and Gap are still too big – but both of them are shorter and round and you are long and lean (I don’t know where you got that from!).


Diet: Mama’s milk.


We introduced a bottle at 5 weeks and you did great. You were a little unsure, but you slowly and happily ate two ounces for your daddy. We’ve tried to give you a bottle a few times a week an you’ve yet to fuss about it, thankfully.


Sleep: The beginning of the month was quite rocky. We ended your first month with you being a little night owl who needed lots of encouragement falling asleep. I think it was because you were actually over tired and unable to fall asleep. I eventually discovered that you are naturally ready for bed around 6:30, so moving your bedtime earlier has helped our nights go much more smoothly and we’re all sleeping better now. Now, we usually start the bedtime “routine” around 6:30 and you’re in bed by 7:30 or 8. Our routine is very loose and usually involved a bath of some sort, jammies and then nursing before I put you into your crib. We started putting you down in your room at 6 weeks 3 days and since then we’ve had some smooth times and some very rough times. Everything I have ready has said to put you down while you’re “drowsy but awake” and that is tough for you. You really dislike falling asleep on your own and you’re very good at expressing your feelings about it. I tried letting you “cry it out” for a while, but you are super strong willed and you will cry longer than I am willing to let you. Though it’s not 100%, what works best is for me to hold and snuggle you for a while and then once you’re almost asleep put you into your bed. You’re still slightly awake, but just barely. I put you down with your binkie, and you’ll usually sleep until that falls out of your mouth. Sometimes it doesn’t fall out and you stay asleep, sometimes it falls out a bunch of times and it takes you a while to actually sleep. I always know you’re out when I go in to check on you and the pacifier has fallen out. I’ve found it several times sticking to the tiniest piece of your lip and I think it’s adorable.


You have your longest stretch of sleep at that time, and usually right as I’m getting ready for bed myself, and usually four hours like clock work, you wake ready to eat. I love getting you from your crib that time because you are famished and looking and looking for the boob. Your little lips are puckered and smoochey and before I nurse you I am sure to take advantage of your kissable little mouth and plant some good ones on you. After this feeding I put you in the co-sleeper and we alternate between that and you being in bed with me for the rest of the night. You usually eat every 2 – 3 hours until morning, so being able to feed you without having to sit up has been so lovely. Someday I’ll have to write about bed sharing, but for now all I will say now is that I love having you right next to me and you love being right next to your mama. We wont do it forever, but while you’re still nursing so frequently it allows us all to sleep and that’s the most important thing.


Health: You have some frequent nasal congestion because of your small nostrils, but, thankfully other than being a little noisy and annoying in the morning, its nothing we have to worry about. You hate having your nose sucked out though!

You had your two month shots (DTap, Hib and Rota only because we’re spreading them out so your little system isn’t overwhelmed) at 8 weeks and 2 days. I breastfed you while the nurse gave them to you even though she said something about not liking to do that because you might aspirate, which was annoying (look lady, I’m a nurse, I know the research, she’s not going to aspirate!), but you did fine. I was told that some babies don’t even notice the shots if you’re nursing them, but that was not true for you! As soon as she shot you, you pulled off, your face got red and you screamed something fierce! Only for a moment though, then you put yourself right back on and that was that.


You were pretty miserable for a few days after your shots. I don’t know if it was just your vaccinations, or maybe a growth spurt, but our normally happy and sweet girl was pretty whiney and uncomfortable. We gave you Tylenol and lots of snuggles, but it took 5 full days for you to be back to your smiley self.

Nicknames: Sugar, sugar baby, love, lovie and sweet girl. Little mama, ‘Tinker and stinker face


Favorite Things: You still love your WubbaNub and I love the BogginHead paci holders for your plain Soothies.


We both also love the  bouncer chair we’re borrowing from our friends, and we’ll have to invest in our own since they’re having a new baby and will need it back. We keep the bouncer in the bathroom and it not only helps me get ready for the day, but it keeps you happy as you wait your turn for the shower. You love your bathtub, but sometimes it’s easier to just shower with you. Typically, I’ll clean myself while you are sitting naked in the chair (which I line with towels), happy as a lark. You LOVE being in the water! Shower, bath or sponge bath on the counter – you are so happy when you are stripped down and being cleaned. My little water baby! We can’t do swimming lessons until 6 months, but you bet your cute little bootie that we’re doing it when the time comes!


Some of mama’s favorite things have been our carriers (the ErgoMoby and two Ring Slings)I love the ring slings Grandma Phyllis made for us – I use them all the time! They took me a while to figure out, but now that I’ve got a few good holds down, I use them the most. They are easy to put on and take up very little room in the diaper bag, so I have one with us whenever we go out. I love wearing you and having you right next to me. It’s a great way for me to keep you happy while I get stuff done, and I get to hold you without my arms getting tired. They’re also so nice for when we are out because you’re safely tucked right next to mama, keeping strangers and their cooties away from you. Plus, if you’re not having it and I can’t calm you down, I can plop you into one of the carriers and you’re content within moments. I love it!


Lydia Clara, will I ever stop being in absolute awe of you? I don’t think so! You are the light of my life and it is such an honor to be your mama! I have waited my whole life for you, and even now I have to pinch myself in order to really believe that this is my life. What a beautiful, blessed life it is!

You are my sweet, lovely, beautiful, perfect girl and I love you more than words!





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