Letters to Lydia: 3 Months

To my sweet, beautiful, wonderful girl,

I love you, I love you, I love you!

Lydia, you are a joy! You truly are my own little piece of heaven! This past month flew by, and you’ve continued your trend of getting much too big, much too quickly. I will say it again, I wish the days were longer so I can soak up that much more of your sweetness.

Girlie, you are 9 pounds of pure perfection!



You are getting so big love girl! Let’s do a little comparison from the previous months, shall we?



You are delicious!

This was mama’s last month of maternity leave so I tried to take advantage of every snuggle you’d give me and you didn’t seem to mind.


Mommy turned 28 this past month and you and daddy set up a sweet little surprise for me:


You two are so thoughtful! 😉 I am a blessed lady! We didn’t plan a big shin-dig for my actual birthday, I just wanted to be with my two favorites all day. Your daddy said it well: life is so busy and full of goodness that a party hardly seems necessary! Really, all I wanted for my birthday was time together as a family. We did just that and I would say that it was a perfect day!


You are getting so much personality!



We were supposed to have Grandpa Steve and Grandma Allison visit, but in a last minute change of plans, you and I flew to California instead. So, you had your first flight! I wish I would have had the pilot give you your very first set of wings, but I didn’t think of that until yesterday, so you’ll just have to let pictures of this milestone suffice.


In keeping with your trend, you were a fabulous traveler! You are such my little buddy, even in the air! I tried to nurse you during takeoff, but you finished and fell asleep before the wheels left the ground. Nevertheless, the buzz of the engines lulled you right to sleep, and my little ballerina slept sweetly.


You did wake up a bit to flirt with the flight attendant but you were sure to save some smiles for your new biggest fan: Grandpa Steve.


Oh man, this big guy LOVES you!

He literally ran to the baggage claim area to meet us, and he hardly put you down the whole three days we were there! I pretty much only got to hold you when you needed to eat, and then, Grandpa would ask: “Well, do you want me to hold her?” 🙂 It made my heart so happy to see my daddy loving on my girl!


Grandma Allison was a big fan, too, as was Uncle Tim! Sweet baby, you have brought this family back together in ways I can’t really explain in this blog, but let’s suffice it to say that you have brought so much joy to a place that was really needing a boost.


While in California we met your second cousin Cyrus, who is mama’s cousin Katie’s baby. He is four days older than you, but was due about a month after you were. It was strange for you to be the chunk of the group! Katie and I were sure to marvel at the fact that our moms had us only months apart and now we have babies at the same time too. It’s special we get to share in this whole motherhood adventure the way our own mamas did!


You are such a happy baby, Lydia. Really, you are full of smiles and you just ooze joy! Mornings continue to be some of my favorite times because after you’ve slept in (still enjoying that too!) you wake and give me the biggest, most beautiful grins. You squeal and wiggle and greet the day with vigor. I love it!


Speaking of smiles, in the beginning of this past month you mastered smiling on purpose. And then as the weeks past, you went from smiling in response to our smiles to searching us out and then giving us the biggest, gummiest grin when you finally meet our eyes. Talk about feeling like the most important person in the world! Your little smile melts your daddy and me!



The day after you turned 12 weeks old (which was a week before you turned 3 months, weird, I know), mama had to go back to work. I spent the few days before snuggling every last drop out of you. It wasn’t that I was sad to be going to work, no, I was just so sad that the past season was ending. Being home with you was the highlight of my life and I will cherish the memories of the days when loving on you was my only priority. I’ll write more in a follow up post about going back to work, but my first day went really well. I made it through without any tears, and so did daddy at home with you! Ha! For reals though, our little family is making it through this transition as well as can be hoped for, thankfully!


I love when daddy sends me pictures at work, they are the best part of my day!

Life has been much busier with mom’s return to work, but we’ve managed to squeeze in as much family time and fun as we can.

For a late birthday celebration, we met up with two of my good friends and their kids and went swimming. Just like your baths, you love swimming! I am anxiously looking forward to when we can start swimming lessons!


Auntie Erin had a birthday this past month, and you were so sweet to send her a message:


You made your first trip to Ikea:


And in between our traveling, running around and socializing, we spent a lot of time snuggling (which is both my and daddy’s favorite):


Wanna move to the highlights?

Weight: I’m not sure what a current weight is but at 10 weeks and 2 days you were 9 pounds on the nose.


Length: I’m not sure

Diaper Size: 1

Health: You’ve had a clogged tear duct in your right eye since very early on, but this month it became quite problematic. It was oozing yellow fluid and was super crusty and gross. It was so gooey that after 5 days of antibiotic ointment I made you an appointment to see Dr. Schwab (hence your weight check). She was not concerned about it and told me to continue the ointment until your symptoms went away. Well, here we are a few weeks later and you still have goobers but I’m sure it’s not an infection, just a very blocked duct. I’m afraid you’ll need an unclogging surgery, but I’m going to talk about it with your doctor next month.

While at that appointment, you received the second half of your 2 month shots (I’m spreading them out so that your little system doesn’t get more than one combination shot at a time). You were a bit fussy and more miserable for a few days, but I was happy to snuggle you more than usual. Baths proved to be excellent at making you feel better as well (always).


Clothing Size: Still mostly NB. You are about too long for all of your pants though, however the 3 month pants are still way too loose in the waist. I’m having to retire some outfits and it’s breaking my heart



Diet: Mama’s milk from the source and from a bottle. I freaked myself out a little bit after my second day of work thinking you were struggling at the breast and were starting to prefer the bottle, but alas, no. You love to nurse when you’re hungry, but if you’re just wanting to suckle, you prefer your binkie.


Sleep: You’ve stopped trying to go to sleep at 6:30 pm, thank goodness! I think being in Califirnia with a grandpa who just couldn’t bear the thought of you being in his house and not in his arms helped with this. You’re usually pretty easy to put to sleep, though I’ve not yet tried letting you do it on you own. Around 8 I usually put your jammies and diaper cream on then swaddle you (still double swaddling your arms). Then we nurse until you fuss to tell me you’re ready to suck to sleep and I give you your binkie while we cuddle. You’re usually out before I’m ready to put you down so I cuddle and kiss your sweet face until I eventually put you down in your crib. You usually will sleep for 4 hours on your first stretch, sometimes less. One night you slept 6 hours straight and it was glorious! It’s amazing how much more human I feel with one more hour of sleep. Speaking of mama sleeping, it’s still working best for me to being you to bed with us after your first wake up. You wake to nurse twice after I bring you in, but we both only wake slightly and are quickly sleeping again. You will often sleep in until 9 or 10 if I’m sleeping with you (you’re a bit more restless then so you’ll nurse every other hour or so until you eventually wake for the day).


Nicknames: You’re still my sugar baby (or “sugar” for short) but you’ve also been called baby, little mama, lovie, my girl and your daddy has recently dubbed you “cheeks” in honor of your ever rounding, perfectly kissable cheeks.

Favorite Things: Part of me wishes we had never introduced your binkie, but oh how you love it! You love it so much you are not a comfort nurser at all, nor are you a baby who will fall asleep while nursing. When you’re ready to sleep, you do not want the boob, your Wubbanub is all that will do! In preparation for mama going back to work we decided to invest in a swing you would actually like to be in (we were borrowing the super cool Mamaroo, but it wasn’t your thing). I was preparing to spend $100 on a used Snugabunny swing, when someone from a mom’s group I’m apart of posted that they had an extra one they were giving away for free – free! Daddy and I raced out to get it from that sweet mom (after stopping at Starbucks to get her a gift card as a thank you) and set that puppy up as soon as we got home.



The swing is a hit! (P.S. I die over your little crossed hands!)


Little Lydia, you are growing and changing every day! I’m having to balance being so sad that you are “growing up” with being so excited to see every new little thing you are doing. It’s a bittersweet season because it’s going so stinking fast. I’ve said many, many times already: “Time, please slow down!”


1 Month – 3 Months


2 Months – 3 Months

The other day I was putting your clothes away as you were happily sitting in your bouncer chair (while trying on this sweater a coworker of mine made for you), you were smiling and kicking and being a perfectly lovely little baby. I decided to abandon my project halfway through in favor of sitting on the floor and playing with you. We tried some toys (not interested) and then moved onto reading books. In the middle of “I Love You Stinky Face” I just lost it. Tears were streaming down my eyes as I was so absolutely overwhelmed with how much I love you. I longed my whole life to have a baby to read books to. Every single day I wanted you. Every single day.


Lydia, the gift of you has humbled me and blessed me more than words can say. I thank Jesus for you always. I am just in awe that He bestowed such a beautiful gift upon me! I truly do have everything I ever wanted, but my reality is better than anything I could have dreamed – that’s how God works. When He gives you the desires of your heart, He does so bigger and better than you could even imagine! I am so, so blessed!

You are my heart sweet girl. I love you.




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