Letters to Lydia: 5 Months

(I am a month late in posting this! I am appaled it’s taken me so long! I’m going to time stamp it so that it shows it was written on time for my own records, because, after all, the information is accurate, mama’s just been a slacker!)

To my darling Lydia,

Good gracious girl, 5 months!


Oh my darling baby, you are a little lump of goodness! I am so crazy about you and truly enjoy every single second with you. You are growing and changing right before my eyes. Far too often I look at you and see a big baby, not my little baby – why is time going so stinkin’ fast??


You and daddy had some great bonding time this month while momma’s at work. Your morning usually start pretty early, which daddy isn’t thrilled about, but you’ve mostly stopped your 6:30 am wake ups for him, so he’s counting his blessings. You two get a lot of face time and then head out for a walk, which has helped you two find your groove immensely. A little sunshine and fresh air does you both very good! You’re a pretty good napper for your dad, and you eat like a horse for him too – often 8 ounces more than I make, so while you’re chowing down, I’m trying my darndest to keep up with you. 7:30 pm can’t come quick enough for mama, and I race home to see your sweet face, just in time to get some snuggles and put you to bed. Being away so long isn’t ideal, but it’s working for now and I’ll have more time at home with you soon enough (we’re praying and praying!).


On one of your daddy days, he took you on an adventure: your very first hike! You, daddy, Bridger and Aunt Hannah took advantage of a beautiful spring day and hiked Angel’s Rest in the Gorge.


I guess the trip up was great, but you started to get a bit tired and opinionated on the way down. But, all in all, the four of you made it out happy and in one piece, so I’d say the day was a success!

This month was a lucky one because you got to see two of your grandmas!


We met Grandma Phyllis and Aunt Erin in Eugene for the morning, and then Lola Elsa came out to visit for daddy’s academy graduation.


Needless to say, they are both absolutely smitten with you, and the other grandparents who didn’t get to see you this month are just chomping at the bit for their turn!

We spent some time with good friends this past month, including visiting your brand new BFF, Vivien.


We have been friends with Vivien’s parents for a long time. They are so precious to us, and being parents of you darling girls together is such a blessing! Lisa and I had such a lovely evening and we were totally pinching ourselves that as we diddled around in the kitchen with three beautiful girls joining us. It’s crazy to think that just three years ago our evenings looked so very different…and much more wine was usually involved…


We did decide this evening that living together on a only-a-little-bit-hippie-commune and raising our children together would be much easier than going at this parenting thing alone! ūüėČ

Little missy, you are getting too big for your britches and you no longer have any interest in being still. You started rolling, and you’ve since become quite proficient at getting to where you need to go. You’ve also decided that sitting in your chairs is for babies, you prefer to lounge like this, or just throw yourself out (or attempt to, thankfully we’ve caught you just in time every time you’ve attempted a kamakazi-style dive) all together.


You’ve started emailing this past month…


…ha! No, you weren’t really emailing, but daddy’s computer caught your eye and you rolled yourself right on over to it. Ohmygoshyouaregettingsobig!


He sent me these two photos while I was at work and my heart nearly exploded. Gosh, I love you so!

This was a very special month for me because it was my very first Mother’s Day! I¬†have waited my whole life¬†to be able to celebrate this day, and you bet your cute little bootie that I was counting my immense blessings all day long. Tears of thankfulness and joy may have been shed.¬†You and daddy worked hard to track down a necklace I was wanting and also surprised me with brunch at a lovely farm-to-table restaurant. It was delicious, as was the company (you and daddy).


After breakfast, the three of us window-shopped down 23rd Avenue and then went home and relaxed with a movie, pizza delivery and family snuggles. I felt so overwhelmed with love and thankfulness all day – it’s all because of you my sweet girl. You, the one who made me a mama. Thank you my baby.


Another exciting thing was you getting to see your dad play music for the first time! His band was invited to play worship at a local church and we had a blast watching them play! You were the most darling little lady with your ear phones and you turned more than a few heads because you are the cutest thing on the planet.


See what I mean? Cutest, for sure.


A huge highlight of this month was your dad graduating from the Reserve Academy! He has worked so hard and put so much heart into this accomplishment, I am so proud of him! He looked so darn gorgous in his uniform and I was nearly bursting with pride as we watched him give his oath and swear to serve and protect. This is the start of what is promising to be an amazing career for him – I am beaming!


You, as per usue, were the star of the show and you looked absolutely darling in your matching dress and little gold bow. I thought it was pretty cool to have the entire row of uniformed, armed and very professional police officers cooing and go0-gooing at you. I can’t¬† blame though, you’re just too cute not to “ooh” and “awe” over!

Alright, already, let’s get to the stats:

Weight/Height: No clue, we don’t get you weighed again until next month. I will say though, that your thighs are getting more and more round – not quite rolly, but round for sure.


Clothing Size: You’re still longer than you are wide. You are mostly in 3 month clothes, and you can finally fit into Baby Gap 0 – 3, although they are usually¬†loose and a little short. Carter’s NB onesies still fit you best. Such a litte peanut you are!


Health: Every night I ask Jesus to keep you safe and strong, and thankfully, He has been faithful in such. I know that I bring home so many germs and gunk from the hospital, but your little immune system is hard at work keeping you well. I don’t take that for granted for one moment! I do think we’re on the verge of teething though. You are rarely without your fingers or a toy in your mouth, and slowly but surely, I’m finding myself needing to put a bib on you because your drool is out of control.


Diet: Mama’s milk. When I’m home you nurse every 2 – 3 hours during the day. You are quick and efficient and take both sides. You’re still not a big comfort nurser, but I’ve found that if you’re getting whiney and fussy you’ll sometimes calm down with nursing. You can take down bottles while I’m at work! Most days you eat 18 – 20 ounces and I’m lucky to pump 12 ounces. So, we’re dipping into my freezer stash pretty regularly. I’m starting to obsess over the numbers, which is making me stress out, which is making my supply suffer even more. I’m going to try a few new supplements to hopefully boost things up. I am hoping to give you breastmilk exclusively and not formula. There is nothing wrong with formula, but given our family history of allergies and asthma, I want you to have every opportunity to not suffer from either of those, so the longer you receive only breastmilk, the better. I will keep trucking on!

Sleep: Ahhh…the “4 Month Wakeful” is my new nemesis. I don’t know if it’s your teeth, your new skills, or just you being in your 4th month, but sleep is no fun. I never, ever complained about your sleeping habits before now, but things are out of control. You go down relatively easy, but you are pretty much up, but not quite awake, every 2 hours. You grunt and kick and fuss and are generally unhappy until you fall back asleep. You’re not waking because you’re hungry, you just wake up and you’re not happy about it! I’ve tried nursing, your binkie, holding, rocking…everything, to no avail. I’m finally considering sleep-training if things don’t get better. I have a date in my head to start (because it makes me feel better to have an actual date, even though there is no rhyme or reason to it), but I’m so hoping we don’t need to go down that route!


I think I’ll also say that you are still swaddled at nighttime. Given your sleep issues this month, I tried no swaddle, but that was an utter failure. You squirm and twitch and fling your arms and no one is able to rest. You’re a mess, but the second I swaddle you, your whole body relaxes and you are calm. I was concerned because you started to roll over while in your sack, but you are very proficient at moving your head and you often roll back and forth a few times, so your dad and I feel comfortable continuing to keep you swaddled for now.


(P.S. don’t let these two pictures fool you, you were not the sweet little sleeping angel you appear to be!)

Motor Skills (new category!): Rolling over! At 18 weeks and 1 day (while mom was at work, of course!) you rolled over for the first time. Dad put you on your belly, which really irritated you, so you were having a bit of a hollering fit, when suddenly, in your rage (ha!), you flipped onto your back! You were so shocked that you stopped crying. Later on that same day you rolled from back to belly as well. I cried when daddy sent me the video at work (thankfully he caught it on video!) but I was so proud when you came home and demonstrated for me in real life!

Nicknames: Stinkerbell, babygirl, lovebug, monkey, ‘tinker, punkin pie and sweet thing

Favorite Things: Anything you can put in your mouth! Your fist is quite popular, as are you LifeFactory teething rings and your Sophie. I also found this little flower teether at a local baby store and you love it, I don’t know the brand or anything, but it’ll keep you occupied for a while.


You’re now starting to play with your “friends” on the play mat and we can sometimes keep you entertained on there for 15 minutes or so. You’re also a big fan of the Jenny Jump Up and your hand-me-down Bumbo chairs. Your favorite toys, however, are the cheapest, and they are these rings.


I have some attached to your carseat and some just on their own. You love to grab them, gnaw on them and hold them as your falling asleep in the car. It’s precious!

Oh little honey. My heart swells when I think of you and your inherent sweetness. You are so my girl and I am so in love with you! It is a blessing beyond words to have the opportunity to celebrate being a mother…your mother. My life is so filled with you.


I love you sweet girl!




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