Letters to Lydia: 6 Months

To my sweetest girl,

I am hesitant to even write this, because when I do, it’s official that you’re 6 months old. Ugh! Half a year! Well, since you’re insistent on growing and changing wether I write these posts or  not, I better keep up! Little stinker, you are so fun!

Lydia, you continue to light up our lives! You are happy and feisty and perfectly ours.



(Lydia’s 6 month birthday was on Father’s Day, hence the “I Love Daddy” shirt)

My mama heart aches sometimes for the squishy little warm ball of newborn you used to be, because that tiny baby is going away before my very eyes! You are so not a newborn anymore, you are a baby! Curious and spirited, you are soaking up the world around you. You are joyfully becoming a tiny little person and every time I get twinges of sadness over the little baby you were, I am instantly filled with excitement over the girl you are becoming. I think the equal mix of mourning and joyful expectation is present in every mother’s heart. I loved who you were, I love who you are, and I love thinking of who you will be.



Speaking of growing and changing, your big challenge this month seems to have been your teeth. They haven’t made their way through yet, but I can tell they’re giving you a run for your money. You have started to make this sweet little face with your lips pursed together. I thought you were just exploring, but Lola Elsa said it might be your teeth and I think she’s right. Whatever it is, I’m obsessed with it and think it’s one of the most precious faces ever.



I mean, for reals, don’t you wanna smooch that sweet face?!?

You’re also rarely without your fingers in your mouth and drool over your entire shirt. I’ve seen two tiny shadows of white on your bottom gums, but nothing more tangible than that.


We did a lot of socializing this past month and you got to soak up time with some of your besties:







and Rachel (Mattea was home with her daddy):


and, of course, mama took every opportunity afforded to her to snuggle your sweet little bootie!


Daddy and mommy celebrated their anniversary (5 years!) this month and we were happy to share our date night with our favorite girl. Our days of you sleeping through meals out are about over, I’m afraid. You’re too curious to sleep, though you’re usually happy to look around and take in the excitement of the restaurant. You’re really happy if we take you out and let you have some water out of a straw! This night, since we were celebrating, we decided to go all out and give you some potatoes – you loved them! So, your first official food was mashed potatoes from a La Provence at 5.5 months old.


Later that night, we had a family movie night and you mean-mugged our anniversary photo:


You are growing and changing getting steadily bigger by the day. One night we decided to try out the BOB without the carseat. You looked so tiny in the big seat all by yourself! It’s moments like this when we can step back and see just how tiny you really are. Sure, you’re huge compared to yesterday, but you’re still our little peanut baby.


You’re still with daddy while I go to work. Things are getting easier in some regards and harder in others. Your days with dad aren’t as tough as they used to be (most of the time), but I’m getting a bit run down of the constant business of our life. I so can’t wait for the day when my primary job is to be home with you! For now though, we’re getting by, and you and daddy are enjoying your days together – so long as you both get some fresh air and you nap!


Oh boy! You do love your daddy! He’s pretty smitten with you to 😉

This image stays with me all day, and I have to confess that it is so hard to pull myself out of bed when you two little cozies are snuggled in there. Oh man! My two loves. I am a blessed lady!


Speaking of loving your daddy, we celebrated his 1st Father’s Day this month. You picked out a pair of shoes for him, but his real gift was this framed photo of you:


We also made him breakfast in bed and had a quiet family day together. It was lovely, though he does wish you would have let him sleep a little later. We’re really missing “2nd sleep” these days!


You’re starting to get a spunky little personality! You are working on independent play, but we’re lucky to get 5 minutes at a time. You love to stand on our laps and talk with us. You make it known that you’re ready for some face time, and you’re perfecting your squeals in order to get our attention (it works). You’re pretty quiet around new people, but when you get comfortable, you get quite chatty. Squealy is really the best word to describe it, really! My friend said that you sound exactly like what she imagines I sounded like as a baby (loud, insistent, high-pitched, girly). Yep, pretty much! You’re my little mini and I love it (though my ears could use a bit of a break!).


You are my spunky, sassy, smiley little ray of sunshine!

Height/Weight: 12 pounds 12 ounces – 2ND PERCENTILE!! Chunker monker! You went up a full 1% this month and have finally doubled your birth weight. You continue to be long and lean at 25 inches (50%).

Diaper Size: You’re blowing out of size 1’s so we’re moving to 2’s.

Clothing Size: Same as last month. Carter’s 3 month (which is starting to get too short) and most other brands 0-3. You still also wear NB onesies, though they are just starting to get a little snug in the length.


Before you were born I, like many moms, searched for the perfect outfit to bring you home in. I found it at BabyGap (of course, it’s my favorite) and it was one of my only clothing purchases before you were born. The size was “Newborn: Up to 7 pounds.” Well, I was sure I was going to have a big baby, so I bought the size bigger too, just in case. Well, I didn’t know then that their sizing is totally off and you were literally swimming in your going home outfit. I can’t believe I even put you in it! Your feet came to the knees and the jacket was ridiculous! You finally, at 5.5 months fit into it! Well, kinda, the jacket is still ridiculous, but the pants fit perfectly.


The jacket may be dumb, but the pants continue to be my favorites!

Health: You are a healthy little girl, despite the general aches and pains that come with teeth.

Diet: Big changes this month! You’re still nursing and that will continue to be your primary source of nutrition for a while longer (Lord willing!). I started taking Domperidone to up my supply and it’s been helping immensely! I tried so many herbs, but they just didn’t help the way this has. I’ll probably do another post with more detail about being a breastfeeding & pumping working mom, but for now I’ll sum it up by saying that the medicine has been a good choice for us and not only do I have plenty of milk when we nurse (which I always did), I am now usually able to produce enough for the next day when I work and have a little left over to freeze. Such a blessing!


Other than the potatoes I mentioned above, we’ve started to introduce some new foods for you. The first being “mom-sicles” which are disks of frozen milk in this little mesh teether thing. You love them but they are terribly messy and I end up having to hold the frozen chunk because the mesh is too flimsy for you to figure out. We’ve also started avocado, which you’re not crazy about, but you’re curious.


You love drinking water out of a straw! I started by using my straw and holding one end to dump a little water into your mouth, and you could not get enough. Soon, you figured out how to drink out of one the right way and you are now happy to suck away, though most of the water does fall right out of your mouth once it’s in there. I think you’re still surprised that you’re doing it!


Sleep: Ok, last month was horrible. Horrible! I even mentioned that I had a date in my head to start sleep training, but you slept through the night (with a wake up to eat) the day before the date I set in my head. Stinker! Now, you fight going to sleep a little bit, but once your asleep, you usually stay that way until the morning. In fact, I’ve woken up needing to feed you more times than you’ve woken to eat! All that good night time sleep is coming at the cost of our late-morning sleep, but I’ll take it! We still have you swaddled and you still start the night in your crib before I bring you to bed with your wake up.

Motor Skills: Rolling like crazy! You can get around pretty well just by squriming and rolling, but no crawling yet. You do push yourself up onto your arms to get a better view though:


You’re also not quite sitting yet, but you are more and more sturdy with less support. I think tri-poding is coming soon! For now, you’re working on mastering the “lounge!”


Nicknames: Sugar baby, girl, stinker and little mama.

Favorite Things: Anything you can put into your mouth! Mainly, your teethers from last month and your fingers. You also LOVE bath time and are starting to be more playful in it. Most of the time it’s easier for me to just bring you into the shower when I shower, but every few days I give you a bath in your little tub and you are happy as a lark the entire time! You just wiggle and smile and love being in the water. I can’t wait for swimming lessons next month!


Lydia, my big, sweet, wonderful girl: I love you! You are my joy! Every morning I run to your crib and just smile at the sight of your sweet face. You are truly the light of my life and it is such an honor to be your mama!

I love you!




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