Letters to Lydia: 7 Months

Oh baby!

You are seven months old! I’ll just pretend that I’m not shedding big, fat, crocodile tears that you’re closer to one than you are to zero. I’m totally fine with it. Whatever.




Lydia, you are the sweetest, most wonderful little sass!

You are seriously so cute, little girl! I try to capture your essence with my camera, but it just doesn’t do you justice. Every once in a while, though, I do snag one that is just so you…


Sometimes I get lucky with little gems that truly depict your sweetness, your joy, your curiosity and your little brain that is going a million miles a minute!


This month is a great “bridge” month. You’re not quite crawling, and your not quite sitting up unassisted, but you’re close on both parts! You’re starting to learn a little army crawl, but really, rolling is your most efficient form of locomotion and you are quite good at it. So good, in fact, I’ve more than once found you in predicaments you can’t quite get yourself out of:


You love to play and explore, but your only caveat is that daddy or I must be watching you play and explore! You can play independently for a max of 10 minutes (with an average of about 5), which makes doing things like putting my makeup on or loading the dishwasher more challenging than before, but most of the time daddy and I are happy to oblige you and your performer ways. We are borrowing this exersaucer and you love it (most of the time)!


If the moment is right you will twirl from station to station like it’s your job. Such a good little worker you are! Gnawing on the yellow flower is your favorite 🙂

We’ve started giving you food a little more consistently this month. So far you’ve liked everything we’ve tried, with peaches, peas and apples being your favorite.

Image 4

It was these two pictures that were the last straw for Grandpa Steve – he booked his flight for next month the day after I emailed them to him!


While we were out one day I decided to let you gnaw on a slice of apple and oh boy were you in heaven! You went to town on that apple and I think my heart melted into a big, mushy pile watching you experience it for the first time. I’ve had so many moments like this when in one second my heart is aching for your sweet, tiny newness, but also celebrating every new little milestone and eager to see the next one. Such a bittersweet (mostly sweet!) thing it is to watch your precious baby grow!


Some fun things we did this month include going to visit daddy on his first solo patrol as an officer:


We woke up super early to go visit him at the Tigard Balloon Festival, where you slept most of the time and then we almost got the most perfect family photo (if only you were looking at the camera!):


We celebrated Aunt Hannah’s birthday by taking her out to dinner and you sat in a restaurant high chair for the very first time:


We also had our first family sleep over at the Long’s house. The matching jammies were an accident but too cute not to capture on film!


Saturday mornings were spent at the Farmer’s Market, where daddy and I enjoyed yummy breakfasts and you enjoyed a nice nap in the Ergo


Mama and you started swimming lessons at the local community center, but I’m bummed to say they were not a hit. You love any chance you get to be in the water, but mama thought the class was not really worth it. We had much more fun swimming with our friends at other local pools (we prefer Kennedy School or Wilson).

Image 12


We celebrated your first 4th of July in the most “American” way we could think of: your first baseball game! We enjoyed a picnic on the lawn of our local team, the Hillsboro Hops, and you were so happy to be rolling around on the blanket outside! It wasn’t as warm as we were hoping, and while momma and daddy were freezing, you were content as can be taking everything in!



We weren’t sure how you would do in the cold and with the loud fireworks, but we decided to bundle up and see how you did. I was afraid that you’d be over tired because it was past your bedtime, or over stimulated by the loud noises and lights, but no, you sat right on your daddy’s lap and watched the entire show! It was so sweet!



Shall we do some milestones now?

Height/Weight: I don’t know for sure, but you’re somewhere in the 13 pound range and your thighs are getting rounder by the day 😉


Diaper Size: 1 – 2’s from Costco (which is like 1.5)

Clothing Size: Still Carter’s 3 month. 0 – 3 fits you pretty well, though you are too long for any pants. Good thing it’s summer because dresses and little onesie outfits fit you best.


Health: Healthy, healthy, healthy! I’m so thankful for that!

Diet: You are loving solids, girlfriend! Breastmilk is still your primary source of nutrition, but we feed you food now, too. It’s mostly for fun and because you enjoy it so much! I skipped cereal and went straight to fruits and veggies for you. So far you’ve had (and enjoyed!): avocado, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, peas, pears and peaches. I would like to make you baby food, but for now, one pouch lasts you at least 3 feedings, so it’s super convenient to just buy an organic pouch and leave it at that. I did buy a peach at the farmer’s market just to make for you. Well, that peach was $2.50 and it made 2 ounces of food, and the next time I went to New Seasons I saw a 4 ounce pouch of organic peaches for $1.75. So, if I’m going to actually make your food, I’ll have to get more creative about ways to do it more cost-effectively.


Sleep: For as much guilt I felt for not getting you on a schedule or setting a strict bedtime, you’ve done your best to tell me “it’s cool mama, I’ve got this!” You’ve kind of set your own routine, and it’s not strict, which is exactly what I was hoping for. You are slowly phasing out your third nap and transitioning to two longer naps a day. You’re usually ready for bed between 8:30 and 9:00 (sometimes later if I miss your cues) and you will usually sleep through until 5 am, when you eat and then sleep for another 2.5 – 3 hours. You’re working really hard to drop your “second sleep” and our mornings are starting earlier and earlier.

IMG_2793You’re also no longer swaddled and sometimes you’d rather sleep in your crib rather than anywhere else, including in my arms. I really love holding you until you fall asleep, but sometimes you want nothing to do with that and you need some time to work your frustrations out in your bed. If you’re not wanting to be rocked to sleep, you will typically need to cry for a few minutes before falling asleep. I really hate the idea of you “crying it out” but you’ve demonstrated that sometimes you need to cry for a little while and I’ve had to learn to be ok with that. You don’t cry longer than 10 minutes, and if you do, I go get you and either nurse you again or just hold you until you fall asleep (you’ll usually let me at that point). If you wake up and cry after you’ve been sleeping I get you right away. I am not looking to night wean or do anything to get you to sleep through the night because you do so on your own more nights than not.

Motor Skills: You are so close to being mobile! You can get to where you want to go, but your radius is typically pretty small, and thankfully, you’re still slow enough to keep up with. I have a feeling that I won’t be able to say that for long! You also sat up unassisted a few times this month, but I’ve had to prop you in that position and you only stay there for a little while. You must feel more confident while on the ground because you prefer to be laying down and rolling more than anything.


Nicknames: You’re still our Sugar Baby and my Little Mama. Daddy has also been calling you “Cheeks” in honor of your super kissable ones.


Favorite Things: You’re a big fan of the exersaucer (that has been through nearly 20 Doernbecher babies!). And this little green flower teether. You also love your binkies, but not just for sucking. You really enjoy chewing on the sides and you love to suck on the metal clip of the BogginHead ribbons!

Image 25


Oh honey, you are my sweet little sugar and I could not love you more! You have made your daddy and my life so rich and full of joy! Thank you for being our baby girl.

I love you so much.




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