Just a Weekend

I’ve all but abandoned this poor blog. I’m nearly a month behind on Lydia’s post (again!) and this little slice of Internet…my own little ode to modern-day motherhood…has been sorely neglected.

I have been taking full advantage of what is important, though. I spent my spare moments crawling around admist the blanket of toys covering my living room floor, soothing the tears that accompany cruising and climbing, fetching my little daredevil off the stairs, out from under the piano and out of the dishwasher, and playing “give mama a kiss” through the gate. I’ve been rushing home from work so I can squeeze in 20 minutes of sillies in with my girl before finally placing her into her bed to dream another night away.

This weekend was a good one. A busy one, a quiet one. We celebrated friends, explored further into a new life direction, and spent a whole lazy day together. And now, I’m letting my baby sleep on my chest just a little bit longer because she is getting bigger every day. She doesn’t always let me rock her to sleep, but tonight she is, and this mama’s love tank is full.

It was just a weekend. Nothing special, except that it was ours and that is the absolutely most special.



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