Letters to Lydia: 8 and 9 Months

Oh my gosh. This is out of control! Talk about a #momfail, I am totally overdue on your monthly recaps! And, if I’m being honest, this tired mama’s brain doesn’t have the ability to stretch back and try to come up with enough to do individual months, so you’re getting a two-fer this month!

I did manage to snap your photo every month though…kind of…we’ll just pretend that these were taken on (or even remotely close to) your actual month birthday…





If I could sum up this past season of your sweet life, it would be this: darling girl, you are a spunky, adventurous, happy baby who oozes joy and life!! I truly love you more each and every day! You are an absolute delight and everyone you meet just seems to become totally intoxicated with you – me most of all!


Big news of the past two months: you are mobile! You can sit up by yourself, crawl, pull yourself up and cruise! Gone are the days of setting you somewhere and you actually stay there, you are a woman on a mission and you want to “Go! Go! Go!”


You first discovered you could pull yourself up in your crib whilst protesting nap time. Your daddy heard you hollering and went in to soothe you, only do discover you had stood yourself up and were stuck there. Good thing dad came to rescue you!


After you finally settled, you helped daddy lower your mattress. Rest assured, you have since figured out how to get down from standing 😉

We’ve been lucky to have lots of family visit!

Uncle Mark:


Grandma Phyllis and Uncle Tim (this was a weird, but good!, day for mama!):


Aunt Erin:


As well as Grandpa Steve and Grandma Allison, and Grandpa Byron and Lola Elsa, but mama was too busy enjoying their visits to take pictures 😦

Your dad and I were determined to take you camping before the summer was over, so we took advantage of a rare weekend off together and loaded you up for your first camping trip!


I think it would have been easier had you been a little older or a little younger, because a crawler isn’t the best in the dirt, especially when the dirt is mud. I was hoping to be able to put blankets down for you, but it was too damp at the coast, so you spent most of the time in your Bumbo or in the Ergo – not that you minded, you were having a ball!


You picked at the grass for nearly an hour, and then proceeded to be mesmerized by all that was going on around you. We did a little bit of hiking and I just soaked in the time together as our little family. I am so thankful and humbled that we have you to share our life with. So many years were spent dreaming of what this season of life would be like – I had no idea how sweet it would truly be!



Things went downhill after our first night. You didn’t sleep super well, and we woke to stormy skies (boo Oregon Coast!). We postponed a longer hike we were planning and drove to a nearby beach instead, where you got to put your hands in the sand for the very first time!


It was cold and windy, so we grabbed lunch and hoped the weather would turn around.


Unfortunately, as we pulled back into our campsite, big, fat rain drops started to fall and we finally believed the weather man, who predicted storms until the next afternoon. That was the last straw, we took advantage of your carseat nap and loaded camp as quickly as we ever had and headed back home. It was not the most rewarding camping experience, but we did it, and we’re proud of that!

In other big news over the past two months: your daddy was hired full-time! This is such a blessing for our family! I am so proud of him, for so many reasons, and I am so excited to see him shine in his new career! While I am over the moon for him, a part of me was aching because it meant you needed to start daycare. We weighed a lot of options for you (nanny, daycare, private care, etc.) and finally decided on a little home-based daycare. I’ll admit that I was a wreck your first day. Thankfully, daddy’s been able to do the pick up and drop off, but I still worry nonetheless. I started to freak out the first day, until I checked Facebook and say a series of pictures like this: with you making out with all of the kids! I guess it’s safe to say you were having a good time!


Let’s see a few other tidbits before we go to the highlights, k?

You are adorable, obviously:


And silly:


You are rarely without a smile on your face, and you have learned to squeal, which is music to my ears!


You are my little buddy and pretty much go everywhere with me:



You love your daddy!


You love Oreos too!


Baths are still a hit, but you now need some entertainment while you soak:


You’re a bit of a mischief maker:


But your smile and breathy grins get you out of most anything:


Oh little mama! You are our dream come true and we are absolutely in love with you!


Ok, milestones!


Height/Weight: Still a tiny peanut! At your 9 month appointment you were 14 lbs, 12 oz and 27.3 inches long.


Diaper Size: Size 2

Clothing Size: Still 3 month for the most part. You are officially too long for all of your pants, but you’re swimming in the next size, so you’ve rocked a lot of capris lately.


Health: Healthy! We finally went to the opthomologist to have your blocked duct evaluated. I was really hoping she’d be able to unclog it that day, but  that wasn’t possible. She recommended continuing to express it daily and wait until it clears on its own (which may take up to two years!). Your exam did show that your eyes are otherwise perfectly healthy!


Diet: You’re starting to get more table foods, but honestly, most everything lands in your lap instead of your mouth. You love the act of eating, and we cannot eat something without you insisting we give you some too! You are still nursing great and I’m somehow managing to keep up.



So far, your very favorite snacks are apple slices, carrot slices and any pouch – you can suck down a whole pouch in a matter of minutes!





Sleep: You’re not a bad sleeper, but this mama could use a few more 6 – 8 hour stretches! Your natural bedtime is somewhere between 8:30 and 9 pm, and you usually wake again around 11 pm, but after a quick snack and cuddle you sleep until 4 or 5 am. You’re sleeping in your crib pretty much all the time now, I was finding that you were waking earlier and less pleasantly when you were in bed with us, so now if you wake in the middle of the night, I nurse you in your room and than put you back in your crib. You usually wake somewhere around 8:00 am, with only one wake up in the middle of the night. The nights with more than one are pretty rough, but mama’s gotta work on getting to bed earlier so I can take advantage of your longest stretch of sleep.


Motor Skills: Like I said earlier, you are on the move! 8 months was your month to get going and you are a crawling machine (you kind of crawl/stomp with your hands, it’s adorable!) and as soon as you get to a piece of furniture, you pull up on it and start cruising! You rounded the month out with learning to climb the stairs, which is a dangerous, and exciting new skill!


Nicknames: Sugar, little mama, stinker baby, and bad baby (daddy calls you this, with love and jest, of course)


Favorite Things: Anything electronic! Our Bose remote seems to be your favorite piece of equipment, with your baby monitor being a close second. You also love these Teething Factory rings and any book. Big books, little books, any of them. You love to pull them off the shelf and onto your lap. You’d do that for an hour if I’d let you!



My sweet, sweet girl, I love you so! I could never say it enough – you are my joy, my heart, my whole world. I am so blessed to get to call you mine.






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