Letters to Lydia: 10 Months

Double digits? Oh dear! The end of this first, magical, amazing, wonderful year is quickly approaching my darling – how can that be?? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was memorizing your fingers for the very first time in the safe little cocoon of our hospital room? That can’t possibly have been ten months ago! Tonight, as you were falling asleep next to me I just stared at your sleeping silhouette and marveled at you. I watched your chest move up and down and your lashes flutter as you settled into dreamland and thanked our sweet Jesus for giving you to me. You are mine. My perfect, beautiful, perfect little baby. I am so truly beyond blessed!

My sweet girl, you are a joy!


You’re also busy and easily distracted, so these little photo shoots are becoming increasingly harder to do!


We’ve entered into a new world this month: you are babbling! I can’t quite say that you’re talking, but you are definitely communicating. Your absolute favorite thing to say is “Dada” and you will “Dada, dada, dada” all.day.long! It’s real cute that you love your daddy, but common’ kid, where’s the “mama”? Just kidding…kind of… You can also say “hi” and a really drawn out, almost deep, “heeey.” You’re working on your “ba’s” too, but “dada” is your sound and word of choice for sure.


You are absolutely on the move, now, too. You can crawl and scoot like it’s your job! You are getting quite proficient at going up the stairs, and if you can’t find either your daddy or I, you’re quick to come find us! You can be pretty sneaky too, but your excited heavy breathing gives you away pretty quickly! You’re quite the climber too, in and out of your exersaucer, onto of my work bag, over your toys, you tend to not let obstacles get in your way 😉



(Take note of the nail clippers you have in your hand, they are off limits and therefore one of your favorite things!)


This month was pretty low-key, and we all just hunkered down and adjusted to life with two working parents. It’s busy! You’re in daycare on the days that momma works, and thankfully, daddy can drop you off and pick you up each day right now, so your days there are just regular hours, not my long hours. I still miss you like crazy! It’s one thing to know that my sweet little angel-baby is with her daddy, it’s another when she’s with a complete stranger (not really, but almost).


Fall is really hitting in the PNW, and it’s been beautiful! We’ve had some rain, but in between the chilly days have been beautiful warm ones, and we were quick to take advantage of a recent one and we hit up the zoo with some friends – I love mama moments like this!


In social situations you are an observer. You are a spit fire at home with just daddy and I, but when we are out, you are a quiet little darling, taking every scene in. Everyone comments on your sweet, curious, docile little personality. You’ve yet to meet someone you haven’t liked, nor has your charm escaped anyone. It doesn’t hurt that you’re a tiny little stinker and absolutely, perfectly huggable.


We’ll make this a short and sweet update and move onto the highlights, okay?

Height/Weight: You’re somewhere around 15 pounds, but I don’t know the specific number.

Diaper Size: Still hanging solid with size 2

Clothing Size: We’ve moved up! You are now in 6 month Carter’s clothing, though your 3 month onesies fit well still. You can do 0-3 in any Gap dress or shirt, and 3 – 6 in bottoms. To quote a friend of mine, your just a “mini baby!” I’ll also add that you are wearing size 0-6 month Pediped shoes, but they fit just right without any room to spare.


Health: Healthy minus your stinkin’ eye. Still goobery – I’m starting to be over it. Just when I think it’s clearing up, you wake up with a huge cake of gunk the next morning. It’s not gross or anything, but I’m tired of having to wipe crusties out of your eye, and you’re sure tired of me sticking my hand in your face! I’ll also mention that you still don’t have any teeth – I don’t even see any swollen spots – and for that, my nipples thank you and your gummy little grin.


Diet: Breastfeeding is still going strong! I am so thankful! Nursing you has been a wonderful experience, and I am so glad that we are in such a good stride with it. I’ve relaxed a bit as far as worrying about my pumped supply, and I started introducing a bit of almond milk into your bottles to help stretch my milk a bit further. Right now you get about 3 ounces of breast milk with 1 ounce of almond milk. You don’t seem to notice the difference at all and we’ve not noticed any irritations from it either. We also give you solids (usually whatever we’re having unless it’s too spicy), but you still miss your mouth more than you hit it, but you seem to enjoy the process anyway!




Baby’s first Mexican food!

Sleep: Not bad, not great. You’re waking up about twice a night, which is working. When I’m more ready to wean, I’ll start trying to cut out one of your wake ups, but for now, we’re all surviving. I’m still nursing you in your room and putting back into your crib, which is working well for the most part. It’s hard to get out of bed and force myself to stay awake, but you seem to be sleeping better in your crib, and you sleep in a bit later too (8:30 vs. 7:00 when you’re in our bed). You still sleep on your belly, with your pacifier. We try to put an afghan on you, but you always roll out or away from it.


Motor Skills: You are standing! No steps yet, but you are getting braver at standing on your own. It’s pretty fun to watch you develop the confidence to go from sitting to squatting to standing – you stand on everything too! On the bed, in the tub, and you’re pretty proud of yourself when you try to stay standing even when mama asks you to please sit down – we’re gonna have to keep working on your listening skills! 😉

Nicknames: Sugar baby, little mama, Liddy bear, smidgens, smidget and angel baby.


Favorite Things: I don’t really know why we have toys for you, you really could care less about them. You’re way into our phones, but the iPhone isn’t really comparable with being chewed on, so we try to prevent you from grabbing them as much as you can. You also love cords and anything that we’ve deemed off limits (such a remote controllers and the computer chargers). You’re also a big fan of your nail clippers and the bottle for your vitamin D. In order to lotion you up after your bath, I’ve got to give you either one of those if I hope to not have to hold you down! I guess you do love your books, but mostly you love to pull them down off the bookshelf. You much prefer that to actually reading them.

You are a great “helper” and you are super quick to get your hands into whatever we are doing. It’s nearly impossible to be on the computer without you coming by and typing too…such a little assistant you are! You also like to help load the dishwasher, help keep us company while we are in the restroom (nothing but the truth, people!) and help us pack our bags for work!



Sweet little girl of mine. As much as I want time to just stop right here, so I can soak in every little ounce of you as a baby, I am so excited to see the little human you are becoming. I love watching your eyes take in the world around you. What an honor it is to see this place through the eyes of a child. I love every moment with you! Even though I’d press rewind and do the last 10 months again in a second, I am so excited to see your every tomorrow.


I love you more, my sweet darling.




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