Letters to Lydia: 11 Months

One more left, sweet girl! How is it that you are nearly a year old?!? I’m just gonna go ahead and ask for grace because I’m probably going to randomly burst into tears all month because my tiny little baby is getting so big! IMG_1742_2 See? So big! IMG_1735_2 You are on the move, too, so things like monthly photo shoots are not your thing anymore! This month you have had your first cold. Oh, it was miserable! You were miserable, congested and coughy for a week and a half. It was a pretty gnarly virus! You couldn’t breathe, so you couldn’t sleep which means daddy and I didn’t sleep either. Poor pathetic little sick girl! IMG_3113 This picture was taken at the start of your illness. I didn’t take you to the doctor because you were sick, but because I found two bruises on your leg after you had been in daycare. My logical mind told me that they were normal bruises that come with wobbly babies and busy toddlers, but the over-reacting/I’ve-seen-too-many-hurt-children part of me needed a second opinion to be sure. Your pediatrician assured me that they were not concerning at all, but supported my decision to bring you in. I have always loved that she respects my profession, as well as my status as a first time mom – I have a hard time balancing the two roles! I will mention it here, but have decided to not go into it further on the internet, but after the bruises and a few other issues, we decided to find a different daycare situation for you, and so far, our new option is working out very well! Despite feeling crappy, you were never in a bad mood. You are joyful all the time! Sure, you are starting to be more vocal if something we do displeases you, but for the most part you are happy and content and love to bask in our affection. IMG_3208 I feel like most of this month was spent nursing you back to your normal, playful, self. So, we spent a lot of days snuggling together – and even though I was sad you were sick, I was happy for this little perk! IMG_3165 You also celebrated your first Halloween this month! You woke up feeling a bit better, so mama decided to go forth with the Halloween play-date she organized with the babies from my work. You all were the cutest little bunch of creatures we ever did see! IMG_3150 You had fun at the party, but by the time we headed home I could tell you were beat. I was really hoping to get a picture of you at a pumpkin patch, but I decided to nix the patch and took advantage of the display at New Seasons. You were not feeling having your picture taken, but at least I have it for the memory-books, right! IMG_3158

Babies first Halloween / the cutest Cheerleader ever!

Daddy was sworn in this month, which gave him the opportunity to work full-time. This gave us lots of time alone together on my days off! One little tradition I’ve started is going to breakfast together, just you and me. I find that if I’m motivated by food, I’m more willing to get my bootie up and go for a walk! So, every once and a while, especially on the mornings you wake up earlier than I’d prefer, I’ve bundled you up and loaded you in the stroller and we’ve gone for a walk, with a pit stop at breakfast. You are my little doll and we eat together, do a little grocery shopping and then walk home. I could just as easily share a meal with you at home, I know, but for some reason, this feels special to me. I love knowing that we can do special things like this for your whole life. #sappymommoment


This has been the month of exploration for you. I say that meaning that you have discovered mobility and you are all for it! You can walk, but you still prefer to crawl, though I’m sure that’s changing any moment now! You still stand all the time, and you’ll take a few steps with encouragement. You are still quite unsure to move your feet when you’re not holding onto anything, but you can do it! Does that mean you officially can walk at 11 months old??


Let’s make this another short recap, shall we? Onto the highlights!

Height/Weight: No length, but 15 pounds, 6 ounces

Diaper Size: 2

Clothing Size: 6 months in Carter’s and 0 – 3 in Gap


Health: I am so happy that you made it until 11 months before getting your first cold, and I tip my hat to all the parents who have to see their poor babies suffer on a regular basis. I felt helpless watching you struggle to breath! I cringed every time you coughed and I wished more than anything that I could feel crappy in your place. However, after 10 days, the sun returned and you were back to my healthy girl –  I am so thankful! I’ll only add that your cold gunked up your eye and it’s now worse than ever.


Diet: We’re still breastfeeding! I think we’re going to make it a full year and I am so thankful for that! I’m still adding an ounce or two of Almond Milk to your bottles just to stretch my supply further. You are still nursing every 3 or so hours while we are together, even through the night. You’re also starting to prefer nursing over your pacifier, to the point that if you are not ready to be done, you grab your bink and throw it violently to the ground! Little missy has a bit of a temper, no?


You also get table food whenever we are eating. We’ll give you bites of whatever we are having, and let you munch away on puffs as well. You love your puffs! At first you weren’t interested in them, but now you can’t get enough! I’ve bought two cans just this month! You also suck your pouches of food down whenever I give them to you, but I try to reserve them for when we go out and you’ll need some distraction in order to sit in the high chair for our whole meal. You do great at restaurants, though, and daddy and I are trying to enjoy that fact while we still can!

Sleep: Ahhh…sleep. Not good, my darling. I’m afraid your sickness through us all for a loop and you are waking up quite a few times every night. You usually go down around 8, then wake at 10, and again at 1. I’ll bring you to our bed now, but only because I’m so tired! You’ll then rouse to eat around 3 and then 5 before getting up for the day between 7 and 8. Ugh! That’s a lot of broken sleep for mama! I’m hoping this trend does not continue much longer, I would love to count on a few 4 – 5 hour stretches!


Motor Skills: Walking! Still hesitantly, but you can take unassisted steps!

Nicknames: Lovie, sugar bear, smidgens, and Liddie bear


Favorite Things: You are loving your VTech walker and as much as your daddy and I didn’t want blinky toys, this thing was worth it! You push it around (and look like a little grandma!) and are a woman on a mission! You can’t steer though, so you can only go until you crash into something (the ottoman, the plant, the wall…) but you are speedy and your skills are developing so quickly because of it!


You also love people. Anyone who will give you love and attention is your favorite! You have not feared anyone, and as long as you can see me or daddy, any stranger anxiety stays at bay. You are a little social butterfly!


My darling girl, you are the light of my life! I love you more than words can say and that love only grows every day! Every moment I am with you is a dream…you are my dream!


I love you sugar baby.




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