Happy Birthday Darling

To my sweet, precious baby,

One year ago my life forever changed. As you entered this world, my every dream came true! With your precious life you gave me the sweetest gift: motherhood. My sweet Lydia, I love you!

I had no idea how much being your mother would change me. I had no idea how deeply or fiercely I’d love you. I couldn’t imagine the emotion that would rip at my heart at the mere thought of something happening to you. You are more than I ever dreamed. I love you so!

Every parent says it, but I feel I must echo it too: time has flown by. Yesterday I was memorizing the creases of your still-pruney fingers and soaking in your newborn smell, right? Wasn’t it but a moment ago I wrapped you gently into your carseat and brought you home for the first time – how has it truly been a year? How are you no longer a baby, but a busy, smart, adventurous, beautiful toddler? I will never take for granted every time you rest your head against my chest and I feel the rise and fall of your body as you fall into dreamland. You will forever be my baby. My joy. My heart.

I feel unworthy to deserve such a sweet blessing. Thank you Jesus! Thank you for this girl – she is my whole world.

Lydia, I wanted you as long as I can remember. You are the fulfillment of a lifetime of prayers and supplications to our Heavenly Father, and you have beautifully blown every hope and dream out of the water! I knew I’d love my baby, but I had no idea how much. Jesus knew. In His perfect time, He blessed me with the most perfect gift and I will cherish you with every breath.

I pray you never, not for one moment, doubt how very loved you are. How treasured and cherished you are. How wanted you are – by me, by your daddy and by our sweet Jesus. You are so loved sweet girl!

As I lay beside you tonight and listen to the sound of your dreams, I will thank the Lord for the gift of you. For one year with my sweet angel baby, and for a lifetime of birthdays more. It is such an honor to be your mother. Words truly fail! You are my joy.

Lydia Clara, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Happy first birthday my darling!




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