2 Years Old

I finally logged into my WordPress after a nearly 2 year hiatus (oops!) and found this draft. I don’t even remember writing it, but I’m so glad I did. I wish I would have finished because, as I say here, I really do cherish all the little details of my precious baby when she was so very little. So, in order to preserve my sacred memories, I’ll publish this partial blog and try not to weep when I picture my girl at just barely 2 years old…

Oh, my sweet, sweet Lydia!

You are 2 years old! How can it be? Time is a sneaky sucker. It just hits you out of nowhere and takes your tiny bundle of baby and turns it into a busy little toddler overnight!

What a joy you are, my darling girl! How I wish I would have kept up with your monthly posts. I really do regret not writing down every detail because I know I will always treasure knowing you did this at this month or that at that one. However, what I do not regret for one moment, is all the time I’ve spent playing with and loving on you, my sweet girl. You are my little buddy and I will treasure the opportunity we’ve had to spend so much time together!

I want to bottle you up and keep you this little forever, but I also want to watch the beautiful show that is you growing up and experiencing the world. Motherhood is so bittersweet. In the very same breath I can wish for the smell of your newborn head and pray for the young woman you will become. You, my precious daughter, hurt my heart so good.

So, how do I summarize your second year? So fun!

Lydia, you are such a joyful girl! You have a smile that lights up the darkest of days, and you are the star of every show. I can’t even tell you how many times your daddy and I have sat in the quiet of our room, reminiscing about the events of the day and we’ve said “Lydia was the star tonight!” Somehow, all eyes end up on you!

You are so smart! You love to count and you are particularly found of the “one-three-five” order of business (“wwwaaannn, freeee, five, free, five!”). You also are learning the alphabet and call anything with just words (like magnets with city names, or a small figurine with a word) “abcd’s”. You know all your colors, but sometimes get confused with orange (“lello!”). Purple is “poo puh” and white is “color white” every time.

You love to read books, and your affinity for particular ones has changed throughout this year. In the beginning of the year you could not get enough Snuggle Puppy, but as you’ve gotten older, you seem to prefer books with human characters, especially babies. You love to tell the babies in the books goodnight, and you’ll happily kiss all the characters night night.

Oh goodness, girl, you are your mamas daughter: you love your babies! You have three babies whom you love the most (two Correlle ones and a water baby), and Sophie the Giraffe has finally become popular as another one of your babies. You love to put your babies to bed, and will find any “night night” to do so with. Though you have plenty of blankets that will work for putting your babies to bed, any of mamas cardigans, kitchen towels or your Minnie Mouse washcloth seem to offer the children the most snug of bedtimes. If your baby is particularly lucky that day, you’ll offer your beloved binkie, but only for a moment. You are usually sure to point out to me that you are sharing so nicely! You love to wrap your babe in my sweater, hold it against your shoulder and say “shhhhhhhh” before slamming it into it’s crib. Such a sweet little mama you are!

Another thing you love: singing. Particularly when mama makes up songs. Not just any songs, or songs that mama makes up, but songs you make up. “Baby Hannah Song” is a big hit, as is “Hannah and Delilah Song”. Want to hear the lyrics? “Baby Hannah song, Baby Hannah song” and “Hannah song, Delilah song”. Whatever your request, I try to oblige, after all, I’ll happily sing “[Insert word here] Song” for the rest of forever if it makes you smile the way it does!

Speaking of the Hannah’s, you are obsessed! Most conversations throughout the day somehow involve Baby Hannah, and if not Baby Hannah, then for sure Hannah and Delilah.


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