Knocked up, Again!

Well, in keeping with my theme, I’ve fallen off the face of the blog-world and have been busy enjoying my real life. I’ve been enjoying it so much, in fact, that I’m adding to my joy and am so thrilled to say we are expecting our second blessing! Soon, actually!!

I’m 31 weeks pregnant with our second daughter.


I am so impressed with myself that I was somehow able to document so many details the first time around, and my hat is officially off to the mamas who are able to continue their pregnancy updates with every subsequent child. Rockstars! I am just not that mama!

We are absolutely enamored at the prospect of another baby girl, but somehow, her impending arrival seems so much more hard to believe than last time. I can’t really fathom that I actually get to have another tiny little precious human to keep! I get to do all the crazy newborn stuff and be filled with all the gushy new-mama joy AGAIN?? Seriously, pinch me, I’m so excited!


That being said, like every other mother of more than one child will probably attest to, I’m also feeling some grief. Please, please don’t get me wrong – I am 100% in love with the idea of expanding our family and this little baby is so, so, so loved, but it is so bittersweet to know that as I welcome another baby, I am putting to rest this beautiful season where my first baby was literally my whole world.

Lydia is the most incredible treasure and I couldn’t possibly sum up my feeling for her with words. She is mine and being her mother is the best, most indescribable gift! I am so thankful I’ve had the last 3+ years to do nothing but shower her with all of me. And, likewise, I’ve been so abundantly blessed getting to do life alongside her! She is my best little buddy and my constant, happy shadow. As much as I am aching to start this next chapter in our lives, my heart breaks a little to close this current one, because it has been the sweetest in my whole life.

Speaking of my sweet girl, she is going to rock being a big sister! I fully intend to deal with some sibling rivalry, but right now, she is ready! Every day she asks me what the baby is doing and frequently asks to see pictures on my phone on how the baby looks this week. Sometimes, when I find myself feeling anxious about disrupting her perfect little life with the arrival of a new family member, she eases all of my burdens with a simple statement such as “I love our baby so much!” and it’s as if Jesus Himself is speaking to my heart and telling me that our little family will navigate this transition with grace, love and so much joy. We are so absolutely blessed!


So, without further aiedu, I introduce, our precious second daughter…BabyBigTime2.0!

Version 2



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