Baking BabyBigTime2.0: 31 Weeks

Better late than never, right??


Another pregnancy, another awkward bathroom photo!

Size of baby: Size of a coconut!

Cravings/Diet: Since I have passed both of my Gestational Diabetes tests this pregnancy (hallelujah!), I’ve been a super terrible eater! Before I was pregnant, I was absolutely loving any roasted vegetables, but once that tiny little line popped up on my test, the very thought of vegetables is repulsive! It’s been a long, fiber-lacking 31 weeks! I have however, devoured any and all forms of carbohydrates, with very buttery english muffins being my carb of choice these days. I don’t even know how I’ve somehow broken even with my initial pregnancy weight (Oh, wait, yes I do…the early pregnancy bloat and weight gain was incredible and caused the intake nurse to point out many, many times that I was “obese”. GRRR…). Thankfully, I seem to be over my Hershey’s Cookie and Creme bar phase, and the dollar chicken sandwich phase of the first trimester is long gone as well.


What I love: I really do love being pregnant! I love feeling this sweet girl move all around and I love going through the bit of baby things I’ve been collecting and imagining the tiny little peanut that will soon be using them. Newborns are just so intoxicating!


What I miss: I miss beer. Like woah! It was a long summer to not have an icy cold one! La Croix just doesn’t cut it!


What I’m looking forward to the most:  Maternity leave! This has been a much, much harder pregnancy than my first and I’m anxiously awaiting the day my Midwife releases me from work.

I’m also super looking forward to my sister’s wedding next weekend (what?!?!!) – BUT – not for reasons you’d expect…yes, yes, I’m excited for her actual wedding and I’m super happy for her, but today, right now, what I’m looking forward to most is the freaking In-N-Out cheeseburger that is calling my name! Oh yeah! Medford, OR has an In-N-Out and this preggo has a date with a Double-Double in her near future!



Worries:  I worry so much that I’ll be messing up Lydia’s sweet little life when we bring the baby home. I know we are giving her the best gift by giving her a sister, but, in my moments of doubt, I worry about how she will adjust. It hurts me to think that she will miss the first part of her life, where Ben and I had no one else to shower our affections upon. I worry she’ll miss me, or choose Ben more. Truth be told, every time I worry, I really do almost instantly see the opposite and am excited for the prospect of her being a big sister, of her bonding with her daddy more, of our family instantly expanding with more and more love. I am so excited for every little thing, but I do worry too.
Symptoms: Man, oh man! So many freaking symptoms! Maybe your second pregnancy is just a reminder of all the less than glamorous aspects of your first pregnancy. My two current worst offenders are heartburn and sciatica. I’ve started acupuncture to help with both of these, but I haven’t noticed a difference yet (it has helped with my bowel functions though, which is wonderful!). I remember thinking I had to pee all the time last time and feeling like it was the worst thing I was dealing with. I still do have to pee now, but it doesn’t seem to be as annoying as I thought it was before.

Sleep: Love it, gotta have it! I don’t even notice waking up the once or twice I do anymore. I’m just so loving every chance I get to shut  my eyes!

Movement: Oh, yes! Baby girls is an active little thing! She moves all the time, and I still think it is the coolest feeling! Every time I’ve thought “I haven’t felt her in a while” she starts to circle all around within moments. Such a good little baby this girl is! I’ve felt hiccuping this time around, which is not something I remember feeling with Lydia. It’s a strange, almost seizure-like rapid sequence of movements and they’re not my favorite because they feel really weird. All the other rolls, kicks and stretches are much appreciated and adored though!

The belly: Large and in charge! People seem surprised when I say I’m 31 weeks – like maybe I should be bigger? I think it’s just because I have hips and my babies are just a bit more sunk into my body rather than sticking straight out. I tried to compare a photo to last time and I think I’m carrying a little lower than last time, but it’s hard to tell, both bellies are pretty similar.

Milestones: I don’t know! Maybe when I do one thing to get ready for this baby I’ll feel like I’ve hit a milestone. So far, I’m in a stage of happy denial with a to-do list that seems to grow daily


Gender Predictions: We are thrilled about the aspect of a second girl! Truth be told, Ben was really hoping for a boy. Not because he doesn’t want another girl, but just so he can have the opportunity to have a son. His face went a little pale when the ultrasound tech said “Girl!” and he had to give himself a minute to let the reality of having teenage girls for almost 10 years sink in, but in true Ben form, he was texting his friends our happy news before the jelly was off of my tummy!


Amusing comments from the general public: None to speak of. Portland is a very family friendly community for the most part, and I’ve yet to experience any even remotely resembling rudeness from anyone.

Best moment of the week: Maybe last night. Forewarning: this is a sappy mom moment. The last 6 months, Ben has been working nights and last night was his last night shift of the year. For lots of reasons, but mostly because her and I love it, when he is at work, Lydia has been sleeping with me. She will happily sleep in her own bed if asked to, but she considers it a special treat to sleep with mama (so do I!). As I was going to work yesterday morning the thought hit me: this was our last night for a mama-daughter sleepover before I’d be sharing my bed with two sweet girls (i.e. I’ll be sleeping on the couch). I got a little choked up at the thought and made sure to try and snuggle her extra tight as she fell asleep beside me and I let the sound of her sweet little breath lull me into dreamland. I never want to lose sight of the incredible, beautiful blessing motherhood is.



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