My Precious Evelyn

To my dear, sweet, perfect Evelyn,

Do you know how incredibly precious you are to me little girl? Oh my! Truly, words fail, but in true Stephanie fashion, I’m going to try and let a slew of flowery words describe how I feel about you. You are such a joy, Evelyn!! As much as I do remember life before you (because it really was so sweet!), I don’t even think about what happened before you were here, because you fit so perfectly and sweetly into our family, it was as if something was missing from our story before you were written into it.

I am a true second-time mom with you, as you can totally tell by lack of monthly updates, ha! But, my sweet baby, rest assured, I am HEAD OVER HEELS, ABSOLUTELY CRAZY, IN LOVE with you!

I’ll be honest and admit that I was expecting you to be a very chill, laid back baby. Lydia was pretty mellow and always happy, and you were the second kid, so I thought you’d follow suit. I was wrong 😉 You had a hard first month. Please know that I am not complaining…but you did not get the memo about being chill. You cried a lot, but really, not without reason. You loved (love) to be held and to eat. If I can quickly comply with either of these requests, you are a happy girl, but if and when you needed to remind me that you’d rather be eating or being held, you let me know you were not pleased. I will also say that you liked to be held by ME. You really like your mama…which is perfect because I really like you too!

You are now four months old and although you still like what you like (being held ranks very high up on your list!), you are also so stinking joyful! You feel your emotions deeply, but thankfully, you are happy and excited so much of the day! You smile with your whole body and making you laugh is one of my favorite things ever! When you do cry, you really get your lower lip into it and stick it out so pitifully! And the tears…oh my gosh! Girl, you can be dra-ma, but you are also so easily soothed. Your favorite place to be is still my arms, and I’m soaking in your sweet little body before it gets too big and mobile!

You love to sleep, and will typically give me a few cat naps and one long nap during the day. You’re ready for bed about 7 pm, but often don’t actually get put to bed until after 8 pm. You are still swaddled, but you try to break out like a crazy person. If and when you get your little hand gets free, you cannot help but flail it around and desperately try to suck on your fingers. You wake yourself totally up and only go back to sleep once you are swaddled once again. You are sleeping in the Rock N Play in our room, and I typically lay down with you to nurse you to sleep. You CAN put yourself to sleep, but I actually really like the forced time to stop the rest of our life and just focus on you. We don’t really get a lot of uninterrupted time just the two of us, so being able to put you to sleep is one of the best parts of my day. You still wake about every 3 hours during the night, but after your first wake up, I lay you beside me and we sleep well next to each other. You’ll easily sleep until 9 or 10 if you get to snack every little while in the morning. Pair that with your daddy coming home after his shift and making Lydia breakfast, you and I get to be lazy-bones-joneses every once in a while and it is lovely!

As much as everyone tells us you are tiny, you feel huge compared to your sister! You are nearly out of 3 month clothes, and a slew of blow outs caused me to move you up to size 2 diapers already! You hated the bottle with a passion when I first went back to work (we even had you evaluated by a Speech Pathologist because you’d gag so badly!), but now you easily take 17-18 ounces of milk while I’m gone. I’m typically pumping 16 or 17 ounces, so I’m able to meet your need pretty well if I add a few pumps in throughout the week. You love to nurse and you do so frequently during the day. I still have a pretty forceful letdown, so you occasionally struggle with that and I cannot leave the house without breast pads!

You’ve been quite the social butterfly and have enjoyed visits from all 3 sets of grandparents!

I went back to work right at 12 weeks and you’ve had great days with daddy, grandma Phyllis, our wonderful babysitter (Miss Stephanie) and our fantastic nanny. Mostly your daddy and I juggle our schedule, and I will forever thank Jesus that we are able to allow me to only work part time! I am currently only signing up for my 7 shifts a month. The more chaotic and busy our life gets, the more valuable it is for me to be home to help our lives continue to run smoothly. That is not to say I am a very good homemaker, but life does sure seem to flow better when I am at home!

I started this post nearly a month ago! Life is BUSY!! You sure keep me on my toes my sweet girl, but you are so, so worth it! Part of me feel so badly that I haven’t been able to document every little detail of your life the way I was with Lydia, but my darling baby, please don’t ever think it is because I am any less crazy about you! I simply only have so much to give, and sitting down to document the precious details of your days is just not a priority. Plus, it’s pretty hard to type while holding a squirming baby. I can tell you that your favorite activity of all time is being held, and I am happy to oblige you as much as possible. Side note, mama is getting pretty good at doing things one handed…cooking…chopping…blow drying…texting…grocery shopping…

Evelyn Margaret, you are feisty, and strong willed, and hard, but I am absolutely smitten with you! You bring me so much joy and my heart literally starts to hurt because I love you so much. Thank you for being my baby. My girl. My sweet, sweet stinker. I love you with every bit of me.





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