I was never one who struggled with what I wanted to be when I grew up. I knew from a very young age what I wanted: I wanted to grow up, have a husband and bless him with bunches of babies! I’ve known always that I was created to be a mama.

I’ve also always struggled with patience. I tend to want things to happen in my time, not God’s time, even though I know that His timing is always so much better than mine! When I was in college, and wallowing in my loneliness God spoke to my hurting heart. I turned to Psalm 37:3-4

“Trust in the Lord, and do good;

Dwell in the Land, and feed on His faithfulness.

Delight yourself also in the Lord,

And He shall give you the desires of your heart.”

In that moment I heard Him so clearly: “You are right where I want you. I have a future for you, but for now, dwell here and be content with Me.” I knew that He had the family I’ve always dreamed of prepared for me, I needed only wait for Him to reveal his blessings upon me.

A few weeks after that moment in my room, I received an email from a “MusicLover” who would eventually become my husband.

Ben and I were married on a beautiful spring day in 2007. Since that time we’ve grown together and embarked on many adventures. From backpacking, to going back to school, pursuing a career in music, traveling to third worlds on a medical mission, to losing a parent, moving, and general growing pains involved in marriage, we’ve packed a lot of life and love into the five years we’ve been a twosome (kind of , we do have our pup Bridger!).


Though I was “ready” to expand our family much earlier than Ben was, I can look back now and see so many blessings that have come from waiting. I know that our marriage is so much stronger now than it was a few years ago. The foundation we have built will sustain a family and I am so thankful that my impatience didn’t win, and that, again, God’s perfect timing has played out in my life.

The desire of my heart has always been to be a mother, and, now, in this most perfect time (“perfect” in God’s timing – not by any means of the word itself) my dream and desires are being fulfilled: I gave birth to our first miracle, our sweet BabyBigTime, born December 16th, 2012.


This blog is the documented part of this incredible gift, our beautiful journey.

This is our sweet life, in which we are so, so very Blessed Beyond Measure


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